Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday in the UK today – we’re still updating

It might be a little slow from our end today. It’s a UK Bank Holiday, so most of the British sites won’t be back in action until tomorrow. We’ve got Johnny working the day shift, however, and Nathan’ll be joining up from Texas later today, so if it’s happening it’ll be here.The news doesn’t sleep […]

11 years ago

Bank Holiday headlines

  • Bank Holiday in the UK today

    Just so you all know, today is a public holiday in the UK, so don’t expect oodles of updates from the British sites until tomorrow.We’ll be here all day, obviously. Why? Because we love you. Just joking. But seriously, we do.

    12 years ago
  • We're updating all through today's Bank Holiday

    It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK today, but don’t worry: we’re live all day, so you won’t miss any news. Like, you could “go outside” or something, or “speak to people” on your time off work, but giving in to biology is a sign of weakness. Videogames news comes first. Just remember that.

    13 years ago