Rare posts Killer Instinct Piñata Vision cards

Rare’s posted up some Killer Instinct Piñata Vision cards on its site, a move likely to make portions of the internet have small fits about what the developer’s going to start working niow Trouble in Paradise is out the door. See here, here and here. All you need to do is print these off, show […]

Banjo headlines

  • Museum Viva 2 Halo Believe piss-taking hits YouTube

    YouTube, the giver of all things daft. Another Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Halo Believe parody just popped up on there, this time ripping off the Museum promo. Hot fact: the Leafos VO in that video is from the voice actor in the game itself. Want to play it. After the break. Here’s the first […]

  • Rare confirms worldwide Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise release dates

    Rare just confirmed worldwide release dates for Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise to VG247. The DS game hits the US on September 2, UK and EMEA on September 5 and the rest of the world beginning September 11. THQ is publishing the title.

  • Banjo to be Mario of Xbox, says Rare

    Speaking with CVG, Rare studio head Mark Betteridge said that he would like for Banjo to be as iconic for Xbox 360 as Mario is for Nintendo. “We think the time is right for Banjo to be a mascot character for the 360, that’s the key point. The price of the box is less than […]

  • Rare on Banjo: "Crown jewel gameplay mechanic" to be shown in US tomorrow

    Speaking to videogaming247 this morning, Rare community manager George Kelion said that the leaked Banjo shots from tomorrow’s MS Gamer’s Day don’t show the meat of the game. “You can’t tell altogether that much from the screenshots other than the fact that it’s pretty,” he said. “We haven’t revealed the gameplay mechanic yet, which is […]

  • MS Gamer's Day - Banjo image leak turns to flood

    “Whoops”. While half the world’s press heads to San Francisco for Microsoft’s Gamer’s Day tomorrow, the event’s assets appear to be charging online with gay abandon. Following the first few Banjo screens popping up last night, a further 12 have arrived. There are some vehicle renders to go along with the screens and it’s all […]

  • First Banjo shots leaked

    Update: Just added a heap more to the gallery. So much for the embargo. The first shots of next-gen Banjo have appeared online, and it’s all looking rosy. You can see them after the break. The game’s going to be shown at Microsoft’s Gamer’s Day in San Francisco on Tuesday, so keep an eye out […]

  • Confirmed: Banjo assets due May 13, 5pm BST

    Microsoft UK has just confirmed that its Gamer’s Day assets will be released on Tuesday, May 13 at 8am PST, or 5pm BST if you’re in the UK. While the firm has yet to make an official statement on what’s to be shown at the San Francisco event, we can tell you 100 percent that […]

  • Microsoft to show Banjo and 360 motion controller next week

    Update: We’ve just had it confirmed that assets from the event will be released at 5pm BST on May 13. See here. Kotaku’s filed this under “rumour” but, in easy terms, it isn’t. We’re not 100 percent on the motion controller, but Microsoft will be showing Banjo at a US event next week, and it […]

  • Banjo embargo lifted on May 13, says poster

    According to a Neogaf poster who claims he saw Banjo at a press event two weeks ago, a press embargo is to be lifted on the game on May 13. I went to Rare to see the game two weeks ago and let me just say that this is the biggest evidence of the return […]

  • Banjo shown to press, says report

    According to Mundorare, Banjo was shown to “selected press” last week. From the site: It seems that only some selected media were allowed to attend this call; and as it’s obvious no information has seen the light of day yet, so without a doubt there are some NDA to avoid leaks until Rare approves the […]

  • Xbox 360 "Wiimote" before year-end

    So MTV reckons. Apparently a motion-sensing controller for Xbox 360 has been in the works since last August, and will hit this Christmas. According to MTV News, Rare has been working on the hardware alongside the new Banjo. From the article: While nothing has been officially announced, MTV News’ source was able to provide us […]

  • Rare shows veiled Banjo plot details

    Here. Only one of these “rumours” is correct. The others aren’t. See if you can work out which one’s true. There’s nothing else going on, so you may as well. “Innovative RTS-platformer hybrid campaign”? Rumour One: Banjo and Grunty team up against a new threat, falling in love in the process. Sexy post-transformation Grunty makes […]

  • Rare confirms Banjo for 2008 release

    Just in case Shane Kim’s previous confirmation wasn’t enough, Rare community manager George Kellion has stopped by this forum thread to assure that Banjo 360 is still on track for ‘Holiday 2008’. “Barring the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, you should be playing Banjo 3 before the end of the year (providing […]

  • Rare launches Banjo site

    Here. You have to install Silverlight to view it properly. There’s no new information there apart from a spinning jiggy and an alternating picture of Banjo and a “coming soon” message. The game’s scheduled to hit this year.

  • Unannounced Rare game confirmed alongside Banjo details

    We really should read things properly. As well as the Banjo details posted on Rare’s site this morning was confirmation that the Viva Piñata is going to release a mystery game before the end of the year. “The Viva Piñata team is working on a new title that we hope to be able to tell […]

  • Banjo not "traditional platformer", will have multiplayer

    Rare’s Banjo, releasing this winter if Shane Kim’s to be believed, is going to be a departure from the direction of the previous two games and is to include multiplayer, the secretive developer has said. “Banjo won’t be a shooter (unless we sell no copies like Ghoulies and out of desperation give him a gun […]

  • Banjo for "this holiday", says Kim

    In this interview, Microsoft boss Shane Kim has apparently confirmed that Rare-developed platform update Banjo will be out in time for Christmas this year. “I’m super-excited about what they’re doing with Banjo,” he said. “I think Banjo is going to be a big hit for us this holiday.” Virtually nothing is known about the new […]