Valve mistakenly swings banhammer at MW2 players, apologizes by giving away L4D2

Being wrongfully accused sucks. Depending on the situation, you could be looking at years in a state prison, loss of  job/money/life, or – worst of all – a permanent ban from the PC version of Modern Warfare 2.Fortunately, Valve – whose anti-cheat software erroneously tossed good, law-abiding citizens in the slammer – saw the error […]

11 years ago

Banhammer headlines

  • Aion uses giant rabbits and fire breathing squirrels to ban players

    Oh the hilarity. NCsoft devs are on a banning rampage in Aion, and the video posted below the break shows how much fun banning can be.Instead of just quietly banning coin vendors and evil bots, moderators show up on the form of a giant rabbit and squish you or take the form of a fire […]

    11 years ago
  • Monster Hunter 3 cheater gets banned until 9999

    Buuuurn.Capcom’s thrown down the banhamer on one poor bastard who decided to cheat while playing Monster Hunter 3. How long is the ban? 7 millenia, as in December 12 9999. The message from Capcom, which confirms the ban, reads:“Dear CustomerYou are presently banned for using modded data to connect online. The ban will be left […]

    11 years ago