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  • Band Hero DS drum peripheral snapped, detailed

    There’s a shot and some details of the upcoming Band Hero DS drumming peripheral on Kotaku. It’s a rubber sheath with drum pads on it, basically. The game will allow four players to team up with the DSes and play drums, bass, vocals and guitar. The piece constantly stresses this is a DS Lite thing. […]

  • Band Hero bundle will contain a drum skin with DS

    Activision has launched the Band Hero website, with a contest containing prizes include a console Band Hero bundle and a DS Band Hero bundle. Seems like the Band Hero DS Lite Band Kit includes the Guitar Grip peripheral and a “drum skin” peripheral, which was unknown before. Don’t know if this means you can tap […]

  • Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero and Band Hero confirmed for autumn launch, detailed

    Activision just confirmed Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5 for launch this autumn. Band Hero is to carry an E10+ rating, and will feature “top-40 hits” to a “broad family audience”. It’ll use guitar, drums, bass and microphone. DJ Hero is to include “hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance”. And those turntable shots Twittered earlier […]

  • Rumor: Activision to release Guitar Hero 5 and Hard Rock: Van Halen in 2009

    The rumour du jour is that Activision will be further expanding the Guitar Hero franchise by the end of this year by adding Van Halen and Guitar Hero 5. According to a source close to the publisher, Hard Rock: Van Halen will be released in August, Guitar Hero 5 in September, DJ Hero in October […]

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