Bad Company 2 Beta

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 MP demo on Marketplace now [Update]

Update: Still not on Marketplace itself yet, but it is on the Marketplace website.It’s 1.35 Gb, and lets you try out the Port Valdez map – which has a video through here. We’ve also added the PR to the end of the post.Queue it here.Thanks, evilashchris.Original Story: DICE has sensationally revealed that a multiplayer demo […]

11 years ago

Bad Company 2 Beta headlines

  • PS3-exclusive Bad Company 2 Beta starts tomorrow

    The PS3-exclusive Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta starts tomorrow, and DICE’ Gordon van Dyke has chatted a bit to Sony about what testers can expect.There’s a video below the break where he talks about the Arica Harbor map, the destruction you can cause thanks to the Frostbite engine, and how you can win a Beta […]

    11 years ago