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ONM gives Wheelspin an 11/100 – ouch

Official Nintendo Magazine has called Wheelspin (SpeedZone) the worst game on Wii, subsequently giving the game and 11 percent. Youchee wowee. “Wheelspin is an astoundingly bad game, and fairly quickly pretty much everyone else in our office gathered around to have a good laugh at it,” quoted the site. Going further, the review stated that […]

10 years ago

Awesome Play headlines

  • Bethesda to publish Wheelspin in Europe

    Bethesda has announced that it is to publish Archer McLean’s futuristic racer Wheelspin on Wii. Due to hit stores this fall, the Awesome Play developed title will contain both solo, race, and battle modes with speeds reaching up to 650kph. Super fast. “Wheelspin was designed exclusively for the Wii – with the intention of pushing […]

    10 years ago