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Wreckateer is live on XBLM

Wreckateer has gone live on the XBLM. The game, which features the new Avatar Famestar system, will run you 800 Microsoft Points. In the game, players use Kinect to control a castle-wrecking Ballista, and you use six magic projectiles to travel the land and destroy 60 castles. Add the game to your Xbox 360 download […]

9 years ago

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  • Microsoft trademarks Avatar Famestar

    Microsoft’s trademarked something known as Avatar Famestar, according to Joystiq. The trademark was filed on February 13 – last Monday for those keeping score – for services related to “downloadable software for video game services.” So Xbox, then. Only question is what kind of fame? Are we talking Lady Gaga fame? Big Brother fame? Fame […]

    9 years ago

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