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PS3 has a higher attach rate than Xbox 360, says Sony

Sony’s Peter Dille has claimed that PS3 has a higher attach rate than Xbox 360, Gamasutra reports.“If you factor in Xbox 360’s longer time in the marketplace and larger install base, Xbox 360 should be selling twice as many software units as PS3 if attach rates were equal — and that is just not what […]

12 years ago

Attach Rates headlines

  • 360 is console with highest attach rate, says Gamasutra

    Gamasutra’s posted a piece claiming 360 has the highest attach rate of the current gen machines, with about 6.5 games sold per console.Wii comes next, apparently, with around 5.5 games per machine, and PS3 has the lowest attach rate at round 5.2.The data’s based on each machine’s position after 23 months at market, and there’s […]

    13 years ago