Attach Rate

Wii attach rate is increasing, says Nintendo UK

Nintendo UK GM David Yarnton has said that the British Wii’s attach rate is on the up, but hasn’t back up the claim with figures.“We are still very early into the life-cycle but even so we are seeing the attach rate increasing all the time,” he said. “As we bring new users to video games […]

13 years ago

Attach Rate headlines

  • Wii attach rate over 8 for December in US

    According to this, NPD data has shown that the attach rate for American Wiis in December was 8.1 games per console.Microsoft yesterday claimed a record attach rate for Xbox 360, saying it had a lifetime score of seven titles per machines. During December, however, it lucked out to Wii, with a rate of 7.8. PS3 […]

    14 years ago