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Breach gets updated, an hour-long demo

Atomic’s released a new update for shooter Breach as well as releasing a new hour-long demo for the game on Xbox Live.

Atomic Games headlines

  • Atomic's Breach releases on XBLA

    Nelson’s confirmed that Breach, Atomic’s downloadable multiplayer FPS, is now available to buy. It’s 1,200MSP and features destructible environments. Watch some movies of it in action here.

  • Breach gameplay videos show players protecting convoys, handling bio-weapons

    Three videos featuring gameplay footage from Breach, Atomic’s downloadable multiplayer FPS, have surfaced over on Gamespot. We’ve posted each here for your viewing pleasure.

  • Breach trailer features spiffy spy gadgets

    Breach is an upcoming downloadable multiplayer FPS with the simply spectacular claim to fame of truly destructible environments – down to individual bricks. Throw in a full kit-out of spy-gadgets and a couple of class-based teams, and you’ve got yourself something pretty unique.

  • Breach goes Gold, dated for January 26 for PC and XBLA

    Atomic’s just confirmed that its downloadable shooter title Breach has gone Gold and will release worldwide on January 26 on PC and XBLA.

  • Breach, Six Days in Fallujah and the state of the modern FPS

    There’s something strange going on in the world of the military shooter right now. Call of Duty: Black Ops has recently become the biggest entertainment launch in history. Medal of Honor made the news by virtue of being set in a current conflict. And yet there is a groundswell of feeling that the genre is […]

  • Atomic Games' Breach to be shown in London next week

    Atomic Games has announced it’s to show off its downloadable shooter Breach in London next week.

  • Atomic delays Breach into 2011

    Atomic Games has announced it’s delayed Breach into January 2011, and will use the extra time to add a Hardcore Mode to the multiplayer title.

  • Atomic: Six Days in Fallujah is "not complete"

    Atomic Games president Peter Tamte has revealed that Six Days in Fallujah is not “complete” and reports stating such were “lost in translation”.

  • Guy steals Breach code from PAX, gets arrested

    While Atomic was showing Breach at PAX East over the weekend, an attendee at the booth attempted to steal the game’s code. After stealing about 14Mb of the game’s code, he ran off upon discovery, and was luckily apprehended a bit later.

  • Atomic: Breach will land on PC after its release on XBLA

    Atomic Games said at PAX East today that Breach would see a release on PC in addition to Xbox Live Arcade.

  • Atomic's Breach - first shots and impressions from PAX East

    Atomic, the studio what did the ill-fated Six Days in Fallujah, has shown its next game, Breach, for the first time at PAX East.

  • Breach announced by Atomic Games

    Six Days in Fallujah developer Atomic Games has announced its newest project, known as Breach.

  • Report - Six Days in Fallujah is finished, still being released

    According to IGN, Atomic Games’ Six Days in Fallujah has finished development, with a release still intended for the game.

  • Rumor: Atomic Games "pretty much dead"

    An unnamed source has told IndustryGamers that Atomic Games has laid off all but about a dozen staff members at its Raleigh, North Carolina offices. “The remaining team is basically a skeleton cleanup crew that will be gone soon too,” stated the source, adding that the firm is “pretty much dead”. Atomic Games announced earlier […]

  • Atomic Games confirms staff cuts due to Six Days in Fallujah

    Atomic Games released a statement to the press, admitting that it has cut an unannounced number of staff members. The company said in the statement that the reduction a direct result of not being able to attain funding for Six Days in Fallujah. Here’s the full statement: Due to a mixture of fears about the […]

  • Report: Juan Benito leaves Atomic Games

    Juan Benito, creative director at Atomic Games, has reportedly left the company responsible for Six Days in Fallujah. According to sources speaking with, Benito’s profile is still present on the company website, and regarding his departure, Atomic has yet to confirm or deny the reports. “Atomic Games has no comment at this time,” read […]

  • Atomic hopes Six Days in Fallujah will have the "opportunity to change expectations"

    Atomic Games’ Peter Tamte told attendees during his keynote at the Triangle Game Conference that he hopes Six Days in Fallujah will “change expectations of what a video game can be” and that this sort of documentary style gaming is an immersive story-telling tool. “Every form of media has grown by producing content about current […]

  • Atomic "surprised" by Six Days in Fallujah cancellation

    Atomic Games president Peter Tamte said today that his firm was surprised by Konami removing itself from Six Days in Fallujah. “We were informed on Thursday night that Konami had decided to pull out of Six Days in Fallujah,” he said in an official statement. “This caught us by surprise. Development of the game had […]

  • Report: Konami drop Six Days in Fallujah

    Whoops. Konami’s dropped Six Day in Fallujah after the completely unexpected heavy criticism levelled at the Iraq War project. “After seeing the reaction to the videogame in the United States and hearing opinions sent through phone calls and email, we decided several days ago not to sell it,” a Konami rep told Asahi. “We had […]

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