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CCP welcomes you to New Eden in DUST 514 developer diary

CCP has released a developer video for DUST 514, which features producer Thomas Farrer, creative director Atli Mar Sveinsson and art director Richard Dimond discussing what make s the firm’s persistent FPS stand out from other shooters, and how it ties into the EVE Universe. The game is slated for a summer release on PS3.

9 years ago

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  • Dust 514 and EVE will intersect over time with add-ons

    Dust 514 creative director Atli Mar Sveinsson has explained to Edge how the game will intersect with Eve Online, with Eve’s corporations “ordering battles in Dust to claim control of planets”.This bit of interplay and interaction will emerge over time, as CCP plans on updating the game with add-ons a couple times per year and […]

    12 years ago