Astronaut: Moon

NASA MMO is Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond

NASA’s announced its MMO, titling the “game” Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond.Developers Information Place, Virtual Heroes and Project Whitecard are working on the project.NASA’s aiming to build interest in space exploration among students with the title.No date. Thanks, Massively.

12 years ago

Astronaut: Moon headlines

  • Ground control to Major Tom: NASA MMO gets a developer

    NASA, Virtual Heroes and Project Whitecard have entered into an agreement to develop the space program’s MMO, Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond.NASA hopes that the Unreal Engine 3-driven game will be a learning tool, and will help more students become interested in engineering and science careers.“We want to create a fun, compelling gaming experience that […]

    12 years ago