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  • Analyst: LA Noire expected to sell 3-4 million

    LA Noire will sell within the region of 3-4 million units, according to one analyst’s prediction.

  • Wii 2 announcement at E3 predicted by analyst

    Nintendo needs to be back up to speed with its hardware, so it’s going to announce Wii 2 at E3 in June. At least, that’s according to the prediction one analyst.

  • Analyst: Bungie would be "very good fit" to replace Infinity Ward

    Bungie’s new ten-year deal to have its new IP published by Activision seems to be a good enough reason to replace Infinity Ward, according to one analyst.

  • Analyst: EA aiming to get 2 million subs for The Old Republic

    EA are looking to get 2 million subscribers when Star: Wars: The Old Republic releases next year, according to one analyst.

  • Analyst: PS3 to get "the best YoY growth in January"

    PlayStation 3 will see “the best YoY growth in January” when the NPD results come out next week, according to one analyst.

  • Industry analysts claim investors are unhappy with EA management

    EA’s forecast for FY10 revealed this week has been met with disappointment from investors, according to industry and investment analysts who feel that something “drastic” has to happen to turn things around for EA. This lack of investor confidence has put CEO John Riccitiello in an unenviable position, causing Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey to […]

  • Analyst: Xbox 360 Slim "is a question of when, not if"

    Analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence has told Industry Gamers that it won’t be long before Microsoft released a slimmer version of Xbox 360. “I think it is a question of when not if,” he told the site. “However, the when part is a big uncertainty … rumors have been going on for a long […]

  • Activision will delay StarCraft 2 into 2010, says analyst

    Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia has predicted that Activision will delay the release of Starcraft 2 into 2010 instead of shipping it in October 2009. Bhatia expects the game to sell around three million copies with a 2010 release being a positive thing for the company, despite the missing the holiday shopping season. Activision had […]

  • GameStop: Digital distribtion will not be an "addressable market" until 2014

    Analyst Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee has said in a research note composed after meeting with four GameStop executives, that the game retailer does not see digital distribution becoming a viable market until 2014. The company says it has “conducted the most thorough study to date” on the subject, and feels that an “addressable market” […]

  • "Industry sources" point to $100 PS3 cut this August

    Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia said in a note yesterday that chatter’s pointing to a summer price cut for PS3. “Industry sources indicate Sony is planning a $100 price cut on the PS3 in mid-August, just prior the launch of Madden (8/18) and the start of the back to school shopping season. This will naturally […]

  • Analyst: WoW accounted for half of Acti-Blizz's 2009 revenue

    Stern Agee’s Arvind Bhatia has predicted that WoW subs amounted to earnings per share of about 30 cents out of a total 60 cents, or around $400 million total, in Activision Blizzard’s fiscal year ended December. The MMO currently has 11.5 million subscribers, the publisher has said. Bhatia lowered his fiscal 2009 Activision estimates from […]

  • Analyst: WAR subs to "level off" at 250-300,000

    Speaking to Edge, Arvind Bhatia at Stern Agee has predicted that WAR numbers will settle at the 250-300,000 mark once the initial rush of free months’ play is over. “Over time, subscribers will drop off and level off at 250,000- 300,000,” he said. “Based on our estimates for sell through, it would require about 20 […]

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