Art Style: Aquia

Nintendo announces five DSiWare titles for DSi Shop

DSi’s releasing in the West this week. To celebrate, Nintendo’s announced five DSi launch games you’ll be about to download from the DSi Shop.Here’s the list: Art Style: AQUIA – Colured-block puzzler. Bird & Beans – Bean-catching puzzler. Brain Age Express – Math: Number-based puzzler. Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face – Fiddle with photos. […]

11 years ago

Art Style: Aquia headlines

  • GDC 09: DSi Ware launch line up revealed

    Rich Amtower, localization manager/producer at NoE has confirmed to IGN the games that will launch alongside DSi in the US on April 5th.There’s the Opera Browser, WarioWare Snapped!, Art Style: Aquia and Bird and Beans. No price as yet, full details through the link.

    11 years ago