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Helldivers coming to PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, with cross-play over all formats

Magicka developer Arrowhead Studios is bringing its space title Helldivers to Sony’s full suite of platforms. Helldivers has cross-play across all three formats and it’s a top down space shooter. The game features cross-play and cross-save between PS4, PS3, and Vita. The game takes place in a “satirical and dystopian future,” and players will battle […]

8 years ago

Arrowhead Game Studio headlines

  • Two new Magicka challenge maps hitting April 26, you decide which one will be free

    Arrowhead has announced two more challenge maps for Magicka set for release on April 26. The Marshlands and Caverns will run $1.99 each, but publisher Paradox will release one for free. You, the players, will decide which one is released free next week by voting for it on the official Facebook page for the game. […]

    10 years ago