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  • Army of Two DLC hits Euro Live

    The Major’s just confirmed that the promised free Army of Two DLC is now available for download from Live. Apparently, “Extend your Army of Two experience with this map pack featuring two additional co-op campaign maps, plus a new multiplayer map. Featuring all new, original AO2 content, you’ll uncover more exciting co-op experiences, including an […]

  • EA screws up Army of Two DLC roll-out

    How hard can it be? Very, apparently. Despite saying the Veteran Pack DLC for Army of Two would be available today, this IGN piece says various bits of it are going to be delayed in various territories. For ease: North America PlayStation 3 – Delayed Xbox 360 – On time Europe PlayStation 3 – On […]

  • More Army of Two DLC "over the coming months"

    EA confirmed this morning that more Army of Two DLC’s on the way, saying there’s a schedule in place for further releases throughout the summer. “There is an ongoing plan for releasing DLC, but this is the first big package,” a rep told videogaming247. “There’s a plan for releasing DLC over the coming months.” Specifics […]

  • New Army of Two video shows free DLC

    After the link. The footage shows off the new free maps announced yesterday, to be made available tomorrow. What are they going to call the sequel? Take a look.

  • Army of Two Veteran Map Pack this week

    EA’s confirmed that the Veteran Map Pack will be made available on May 29 for both the 360 and PS3 versions of Army of Two. The DLC contains new co-op campaign maps and an enhanced multiplayer map. It’s all free. Stop us if you can. Press release after the link.

  • Army of Two demo on Live now

    You owe it to yourself to try EA’s co-op shooter, seeing as you can for free. Free is good. The Army of Two demo’s on Live now. Remember’s it’s multiplayer only, so you’re going to need a friend of some description. See here.

  • Army of Two DLC on the way

    Says to here. Producer Matt Turner’s confirmed new maps for the co-op shooter aren’t too far away. “There is one new multiplayer map arriving as well as two new campaign maps in the not too distant future,” he said. We still haven’t played the game itself, so we’ll be reminding ourselves that the demo’s released […]

  • Live Army of Two demo for April 1

    EA’s releasing a 360 demo of daft shooter Army of Two on April 1, the company’s confirmed. It’d be rude to not try it for free. Maybe that’s why Live’s off the air in the morning: Microsoft’s making sure it’s macho enough to take everything Army of Two has to offer.

  • Army of Two co-op region-locked because of connection speed

    Says so here. As reported earlier this week, Army of Two has region-locked co-op play, meaning Europeans can only play with Europeans, Americans can only play with Americans, and so on. Here’s why. This question has come up a few times already… Comments from Reid Schneider – Lead Producer: Army of Two uses a deterministic […]

  • Army of Two has region-locked multiplayer

    Teh internets aren’t happy. Apparently co-op play in EA’s Army of Two is region-locked, so Europeans can’t play with Americans. The game’s instruction manual informs, “”NOTE: The online game modes in Army of Two are not cross region compatible and is only supported between PAL discs.” No reason’s been given for the move, but apparently […]

  • Army of Two straight to top of UK all-formats

    EA’s co-op shooter debuts at number one in the UK this week, knocking Mario & Sonic off the top after four weeks. Guns pwn hedgehogs, clearly. Army of Two (EA) Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Sega) Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training (Nintendo) Bully: Scholarship Edition (Rockstar) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision) Frontlines: […]

  • DLC planned for Army of Two

    Says so here. “I couldn’t help but ask what Electronic Arts Montreal is up to, now that their game has shipped,” said Crecente. “Downloadable content, I was told. When I pressed for more details, all I was told was that there’s a ton of it being created for Army of Two.” Apparently some of the […]

  • "Crazy Woody" advised on Army of Two, is mad

    According to this, EA enlisted the services of a real-life mercenary called Richard “Woody” Mister to advise on dual-play shooter Army of Two, a man that both helped the publisher with details of the latest battle gear and customized weapons and had rather odd eating habits. “He’s crazy,” said Reid Schneider, the game’s producer. “He […]

  • UK Army of Two content embargo lifts

    Here’s the first one. In true, wordy fashion, Eurogamer says in its first impressions piece, “On the face of it, Army of Two is simple to the point of being basic, but beneath its veneer of dunderheaded macho claptrap, it’s actually a very clever game indeed. An idiot savant, you might say.” You might. Go […]

  • Army of Two achievements leaked

    Nothing’s sacred these days. You can see every achievement for the Xbox 360 version of Army of Two here, the soon-to-be-released EA co-op shooter from the publisher’s newly formed Montreal Studio. Watch for a lot more on Army of Two to appear this morning: the UK content embargo on first looks lifts today.

  • Five minutes of Army of Two co-op, UK content tomorrow

    What it says. Here. The EA game is nearing release and starting to pop up more frequently now, although no one’s appears to be screaming from the rooftops about it. Army of Two is a co-op shooter from EA’s Montreal studio, which, according to Gamespress, is down for a March 7 debut for Xbox 360 […]

  • PSN has "all of the capabilities", says Army of Two guy

    Army of Two assistant producer, Matt Turner reckons PSN has all the right features to compete with Xbox Live, but that it’s a young service going through “growing pains”. “There are extra challenges [with PSN] just because the PS3 is newer to our team so we’ve had to work through some growing pains, getting used […]

  • Massive Army of Two presentation... in Spanish

    If you can speak Spanish, or if you’re really dying to know more on EA’s upcoming buddy-buddy third-person action title Army of Two, then take a look at these videos of a recent presentation of the game in Barcelona. Be warned: it’s shaky cam, but it does show plenty of in-game footage. Army of Two […]

  • Army of Two graphic novel announced

    This says that Prima, them what does the guides, is to release a 112-page graphic novel based on EA’s dual-player action title, Army of Two. The book’s story will a prequel to the game and will be written by John Nay Reiber and drawn by Brandon McKinne.

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