Arma 3 Alpha

Arma 3 Alpha gets Sniper Package added

Bohemia Interactive has released a content update for the Arma 3 Alpha, called the Sniper Package. It includes two sniper rifles and supplementary ghillie suits.

Arma 3 Alpha headlines

  • Arma 3 Alpha updated to version 0.58

    Bohemia Interactive has released a new update for the Arma 3 Alpha, and in version 0.58, new dedicated combat and stealth radio protocols have been added along with tweaks to lighting and audio. Also, multiplayer dedicated server administrators now have access to a “separated executable” to host such servers more conveniently. Have a look at […]

  • Arma 3 Alpha test is live, "sneak preview" trailer released

    Bohemia Interactive has released an Arma 3 trailer which provides a “sneak preview” at the shooter. The Alpha test has gone live today, and you can pick it up on from┬áSteam and┬áthe Bohemia store.