Guild Wars 2: Origins of Madness detailed by ArenaNet, screenshots released

Guild Wars 2 Origins of Madness details have been announced by ArenaNet, after releasing a teaser video for the update this morning.

8 years ago

ArenNet headlines

  • Guild Wars 2's Wintersday event is returning December 10 along with a balance update

    Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday event is returning to Tyria, as is the toy making inventor Tixx. The festival starts December 10 and lasts for six-weeks. A balance update will also be included in the content patch. A video announcement and more information is below.

    8 years ago
  • Guild Wars 2 video shows highlights from Last Stand at Southsun

    A Guild Wars 2 video showing gameplay highlights from the “Last Stand at Southsun” release, is below. In it, players “join forces to discover the culprit behind the chaos” on the tropical island of Southsun Cove. The Secret of Southsun launched on May 14, and the “Last Stand” event runs this week.

    8 years ago
  • Guild Wars 2 - endgame and balancing discussed in latest blog posts

    Endgame in Guild Wars 2 wasn’t something AreaNet wanted players to experience only “after a hundred hours of gameplay,” or some other “arbitrary number,” the firm has said. Instead, the team wanted players to take their time and experience everything the MMO has to offer.

    9 years ago
  • Guild Wars 2 pre-orders hit one million, 400K concurrent players logged-in over the weekend

    Guild Wars 2 pre-orders hit one million according to an announcement from ArenNet, and over the early launch weekend, concurrent player numbers hit more over 400,000. “This is the culmination of a five-year journey and to be greeted by this level of enthusiasm by our fans is truly amazing,” said Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder […]

    9 years ago
  • Latest ArenaNet blog update takes you inside the Guild Wars 2 collector’s edition

    ArenaNet has posted a look on its blog tiled Inside the Collector’s Edition – Making of the GW2 Book as well the making of the Rytlock Figurine, both of which are included in the collector’s edition of the game. If you click the images on each page, you can read more details on each offering […]

    9 years ago