Area 51

BlackSite: Area 51 trademark filed by Warner Bros

BlackSite: Area 51 is suddenly back on the radar thanks to a mysterious new trademark filing.

Area 51 headlines

  • Valve launch Counter Strike: GO Pro Tips video series

    Valve has launched a Counter Strike: Global Offensive Pro Tip video series that aims to aid the average player. If you’re a newcomer and have been struggling with the hardcore shooter, this is for you.

  • Dishonored's Harvey Smith discusses his career, regret over Deus Ex Invisble War

    Dishonored co-creator Harvey Smith has discussed the trials and tribulations of his career, from working on the original Deus Ex and System Shock to an ill-fated Area 51 reboot, in a tell-all interview. The developer also believes that even on the games industry’s worst days, it’s still being immensely creative.

  • Area 51 free to download

    Midway’s alien-infused, US military base-based FPS, Area 51, is now free to download. The game was released way back in 2005 – before most of you was allowed to use your computers unsupervised – so you might want to check it out. Get going. By Mike Bowden