Weekly mmo news round-up: Star Trek, LOTRO, EVE, it’s all here

Not a whole lot this week in MMOs that didn’t hit the front page – still, there’s still some news past the break.Read on to find out more about changes in the Legendary System and Skirmishes to Lord of the Rings Online when Siege of Mirkwood is releases.Also, while scanning through the bullet organizes updates, […]

12 years ago

Archlord headlines

  • Codies drops Archlord

    Whoops. Codemasters won’t be running Archlord in the West any more, as you can see from this “transition FAQ”.Codemasters is shutting its ArchLord servers down on October 2. License-owner Webzen is claiming it’s to open its own servers for the game on October 3.Codemasters now operates two MMOs in Europe: Turbine’s Lord of the Rings […]

    12 years ago
  • Archlord hits 500,000 western players

    Codemasters announced this afternoon that free-to-play MMO Archlord has now hit 500,000 players in the west.Apparently, since moving to a non-sub model, the Korean game has seen “explosive growth”.Codemasters Online marketing head Ed Relf commented, “This is a key milestone in the growth of ArchLord. ArchLord is a premier free-to-play MMORPG offering significantly more depth […]

    13 years ago
  • Get 20% off your Connect 2008 ticket

    If you’re thinking of going to Connect 2008 in Birmingham next month, sign up for your tickets with the code COCON21 and you’ll get a 20 percent discount.The two-day community event will give you access to all of Codemasters Online Gaming’s MMOs – D&D Online, Archlord, LotRo, RF Online and the newly confirmed Jumpgate: Evolution […]

    13 years ago