Archangel Tyrael

WoW Tyrael pet shown for first time

There’s the first images of the in-game Archangel Tyrael World of Warcraft pet from the Blizzard WWI on MMO-Champion, and he does look especially pretty.If you recall, Tyrael was given out for free at the event. Take a look.

13 years ago

Archangel Tyrael headlines

  • WoW WWI pet is Diablo II's Archangel Tyrael

    Fanboy madness. Blizzard’s announced that the World of Warcraft pet scratchcard in the Worldwide Invitational goodie bag last weekend is none other than Diablo II’s Archangel Tyrael.Brilliantly, we couldn’t queue up for our bag because we had to rush for a flight. Curse you, Blizzard.

    13 years ago