Arc The Lad

Wild Arms and Arc the Lad reboots announced by PlayStation Japan’s mobile division

Sony’s mobile gaming division is picking up some of PlayStation’s long-neglected favourites.

5 years ago

Arc The Lad headlines

  • PSOne Classics live on Vita tomorrow

    MonkeyPaw has confirmed five of its games will be available as Vita compatible PSOne Classics in this week’s PlayStation Store update. The retro-specialist’s offerings are Alundra; Vanguard Bandits; Arc the Lad; Arc the Lad II and Tomba. It’s a great range but it also suggests we’ll probably see a variety of games from other developers […]

    9 years ago
  • PSN Imports debuts in UK with Arc The Lad, Sonic Wings Special, Cho Aniki

    Sony has announced that its PSN Import program starts this week in the UK with Arc The Lad, Sonic Wings Special, and Cho Aniki,. Each title was ported by MonkeyPaw Games, the stduio which has been handling the PSone imports in the US since September 2010. All games released will be in their original form […]

    10 years ago
  • Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena releasing on PSN next week

    More Arc the Lad games are going to hit PSN soon.

    11 years ago