April Npd 2009

April NPD: Nintendo hardware responsible for 56% of US sales

Nintendo stuck to huge DS sales as the focus of its post-NPD release last night, saying Nintendo hardware yet again accounted for the majority of US figures. “Nintendo systems and software represented 56 per cent of the industry total shares in April, indicating continued strong consumer preference for quality and value,” said NoA marketing boss […]

April Npd 2009 headlines

  • April NPD: 360 hardware up 28% this year, says Microsoft

    Microsoft’s post-NPD statement spun a year-on-year dip for 360 hardware into a yearly positive. “Xbox 360 is the fastest-growing game console in the US so far this year, with retail sales jumping 28 per cent year-over-year in the first four months,” said the company. “In April, Xbox 360 US retail sales were 175,000 units. Although […]

  • April NPD: Sony ignores PS3 figures in reaction

    SCEA ignored the fact PS3 only sold 127,000 units in the US last month in its post-NPD press release, focussing instead on the console’s upcoming slate. “We’re revving up the new fiscal year with a broad tent of content and services across our platforms with envelope-pushing PS3 games like inFAMOUS, MAG, and Uncharted 2: Among […]

  • April NPD: DS breaks 1 million, PS2 outsells PS3

    DS sold more than 1 million consoles in the US last month, shifting 1.04 million units. There’s no split on the the figures to tell us how many DSis are included in the figure. PlayStation 2 outsold it’s younger, shinier brother by 45,000 units: the ancient machine, freshly cut to below $100, sold 172,000 to […]

  • April NPD - US sales 17% down for second month running

    As predicted, American games sales were down 17 percent for April compared to the same month last year. Total sales were at $1.03 billion, down from $1.24 billion in 2008. Hardware was down 8 percent to $391.63 million, while software dropped a dramatic 23 percent $510.74 million. Tough comps indeed. Peripherals were down 15 percent […]

  • April NPD: Wii Fit sells 471K units for clear software win

    Wii Fit was the biggest selling game in America last month, with 471,000 units sold. Pokemon Platinum DS was second with 433,000 units moved, and Mario Kart came third at 210,000 units. Matter of fact, the top four are all Nintendo titles. Top ten below: Wii Fit – 471K Pokemon Platinum DSĀ – 433K Mario Kart […]

  • April NPD - All the figures

    Hardware Units Apr-09 PlayStation 2 172K PlayStation 3 127K PSP 116K Xbox 360 175K Wii 340K Nintendo DS 1.04M Top 10 SKU’s April 2009 Publisher Platform Rank # Units FIT W/ BALANCE BOARD NINTENDO OF AMERICA Wii 1 471K POKEMON PLATINUM VERSION NINTENDO OF AMERICA NDS 2 433K MARIO KART W/ WHEEL NINTENDO OF AMERICA […]

  • April NPDs 20 Best Selling PC Games: Lich King back on top

    NPD has compiled a list of the 20 best-selling PC games at US retailers during April 2009. Last month, Empire:Total War knocked Wrath of the Lich King off its comfy throne, but it formed a coup and has ascended the throne once more. Good for Blizzard. World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King The […]

  • EEDAR estimates lesser win for 360 over PS3 in April

    EEDAR’s released its consoles sales estimates for the US in April, putting 360 numbers significantly lower than Michael Pachter. The company put 360 at 210,000, PS3 at 160,000 and Wii at 425,000 for the month. Pachter said earlier that Wii had sold 480,000 units, 360 275,000 and PS3 175,000 consoles. More on GoNintendo.