Take a breath: The APOCALYPS3 is over (Updated)

Update: Here’s confirmation straight from Sony.Original: Remember that scene from “The Day After Tomorrow” when the apocalypse sort of went away for no apparent reason – even though Sony didn’t release a patch for it – and everyone got all weepy and started hugging?Well, this is kind of like that. Kind of.

11 years ago

APOCALYPS3 headlines

  • PSN experiences total blackout, causes some offline games to stop working [Update 2]

    Update: Sounds like the PSN outage’s only part of the problem. PS3s that haven’t suckled at the Internet’s bounteous teat for years are reverting their clocks to 12/31/1999 for some reason. If we didn’t know about Sony’s strict no-mad-scientist policy, we’d swear this was part of some larger conspiracy. Thanks, Joystiq and lindblum_resident.Update 2: SCEA’s […]

    11 years ago