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  • Angry Birds needs innovation instead of Star Wars branding and stuffed toys, says Riccitiello

    Former Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said during his talk at the Gaming Insiders Summit that game brands need to be consistent like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and FIFA but brands also need to innovate and it can be done without the need for adding Star Wars skins or stuffed toys like Rovio […]

  • Angry Birds Trilogy lands on PS Vita through PSN tomorrow in Europe

    In other Angry Birds news, Rovio Entertainment, has announced that the Angry Birds Trilogy will be released on PS Vita through the PlayStation Store tomorrow in Europe for €39.99/£34.99. The trilogy includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio with over 700 levels and new features, like making your own Angry Birds tunes. […]

  • Angry Birds Star Wars multiplayer teaser and screenshots released

    Angry Birds Star Wars has a new multiplayer trailer and screens available for you to gawk at below. We’ve only posted the Wii U boxart because they all look the same, barring the logos of course. The game will be made available October 29th for 3DS PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U.

  • Rovio Account now available globally for original Angry Birds, The Croods

    Angry Birds fans rejoice: its developer has released Rovio Account globally on Android and iOS devices. Creating a Rovio Account allows you to sync progress between devices, that way if you are playing on your Android phone, you can continue playing on your iPad without losing any stars, levels, or extra powers you may have […]

  • Apple's best-selling iOS games and apps revealed, free game giveaway starts

    To celebrate the fifth birthday of its App Store, Apple has disclosed a list of its best-selling iOS game and app releases to date. There are no prizes for guessing which game currently rules the roost. Apple is also giving away a selection free games from today.

  • Angry Birds movie signs The Office writer, Lucasfilm producer

    Writer of America’s adaptation of The Office Jon Vitti has signed on to pen the Angry Birds movie adaptation, currently slated for a July 1, 2016 theatrical release. Producer Catherine Winder has also joined the team.

  • Angry Birds movie due in 2016

    Not content with an animated TV series, Rovio has signed a deal with Sony Pictures to bring Angry Birds to the silver screen.

  • Rovio introduces Rovio Account, allows users to continue game progress across devices

    Rovio has announced Rovio Account, which allows users store your game progress and continue playing games on another device. This will allow you to continue playing on your tablet once you get home from the office and have put your mobile away. It also works for homes with multiple users on one device. So far, […]

  • App Store closes in on 50 billion downloads, top games on service listed

    As the App Store heads towards the magical 50 billion download figure, Apple has released a list of the top 50 apps of all time – both paid and free.

  • Rovio revenue in 2012 increased 101%

    Rovio has released its financial report for 2012, which showed a revenue increase of 101% to €152.2 million ($195.1 million), compared to €75.6 million ($96.8 million) year-over-year. Net profit came in at €55.5 million ($71.1 million) compared to €35.4 million ($45.4 million) year-over-year. The firm’s Angry Birds franchise, as of December 2012, had hit 1 […]

  • Angry Birds animated series debuts online next month

    The Angry Birds cartoon series will debut next month, Rovio has announced. Starting on March 16, each week, a new episode featuring the latest adventures of the birds and the piggies will debut online through the official website. Bookmark it now if you’re interested. A teaser video is below.

  • Angry Birds Trilogy has sold over one million units worldwide

    Activision and Rovio have announced that the Angry Birds Trilogy has sold over one million units worldwide. The firms jointly released the Anger Management DLC recently, which features 130 extra puzzles from content such as Wreck the Halls and Birdday Party. The trilogy was released in September 2012 for 3DS, PS3 with Move support, and […]

  • Angry birds cartoons debut in northern spring

    A series of animated cartoons based on Angry Birds will become available in northern spring. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Rovio’s Mikael Hed couldn’t give details of where and how the shorts will be accessible, noting that distribution will be somewhat unusual. Angry Birds is a full-fledged phenomenon and has spawned a huge range […]

  • Angry Birds downloaded 30M times over the holidays due to banner iOS, Android sales

    Rovio has announced that games in the Angry Birds franchise were downloaded 8 million times on Christmas Day, and 30 million times during the week of December 22-29.

  • Angry Birds developers form new studio Boomlagoon

    Three of the core members of Rovio during its rise to success with Angry Birds have secured funding for their newly-launched studio, Boomlagoon. VentureBeat reports Antti Stén built Rovio’s cloud infrastructure; Ilkka Halila was Rovio’s lead programmer; and Tuomas Erikoinen designed Angry Birds’ graphics, so the new team represents a significant slice of talent. There’s […]

  • Bad Piggies is now available in stores for PC

    Bad Piggies is now available in stores for PC, Focus Multimedia has announced. Bad Piggies has players creating “ultimate machines” to get the Pigs safely to the eggs they love to chomp on so much. Bad Piggies PC will run you £9.99. A video is below.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars PC releases in the UK next month

    Angry Birds Star Wars PC will be in UK stores during November, Focus Multimedia has announced.

  • Angry Birds developers tease something Star Wars related

    Angry Birds and Star Wars are not two things which seem related, but Rovio is teasing something, something, something Dark Side with this teaser shot posted by Joystiq. Also, an Angry Birds Tumblr page has popped up showing an animated version of said screenshots. Could it be a Star Wars themed level for Angry Birds […]

  • Bad Piggies PC boxed edition priced & dated, free DLC confirmed

    Angry Birds sequel Bad Piggies is getting a boxed retail edition, published by Focus Entertainment. The publisher has just revealed pricing and release details, as well as bonus goodies bundled with the game.

  • Angry Birds tie-in Bad Piggies release date, first footage

    Bad Piggies, the latest Rovio effort, is due next week, and has players building vehicles to guide the Angry Birds’ porcine foes through a series of obstacles.

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