Sales of some Wii and GameCube controllers may be banned in the US

Wow. According to this Bloomberg report, it looks as though Nintendo may actually, properly have to pull the Wii Classic Controller, WaveBird controller and GameCube controller after the firm lost a patent-infringement fight against Texan firm Anascape.The action has been put on hold while Nintendo appeals the decision, but if upheld Nintendo will be legally […]

13 years ago

Anascape headlines

  • Nintendo ordered to pay Anascape $21 million

    Nintendo has been found guilty of copyright infringement in the US and has been ordered to pay $21 million to small gaming firm Anascape.The firm stepped on Anascape’s toes over its Wii Classic, WaveBird and GameCube controllers, says this AP report, but was left in the clear over the motion-sensing Wiimote.Anascape has also successfully gained […]

    13 years ago