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Alyssa Milano talks Ghostbusting, neglects to mention Sigourney Weaver

Alyssa Milano appears in the movie after the break talking about her role in the Ghostbusters game. She’s reasonably hot.Milano was cast as the title’s leading lady after Sigourney Weaver decided she didn’t want to be in it, then changed her mind a little too later: her character had already been written out.Milano doesn’t mention […]

12 years ago

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  • Alyssa Milano is new leading lady for Ghostbusters game

    Cutie Alyssa Milano will voice the leading lady in the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game. When Sigourney Weaver declined to be part of the project, her character was written out and replaced with a new one, Dr Ilyssa Slewyn. Too bad for Weaver, who had a change of heart a bit too late — good […]

    12 years ago