Alan Bowman

PS4 vs Xbox One: console specs are “fairly marginal,” says Microsoft

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 specs only have a marginal difference, according to a Microsoft Australasia executive.

8 years ago

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  • Xbox One releasing in Asia 2014, no mention of Japan yet

    Xbox One will launch across various Asian territories in 2014, but there’s no word of Japan yet, possibly because Xbox 360 has performed poorly there over the years.

    8 years ago
  • Outpacing market is "key measure" for 360, says Microsoft

    Alan Bowman, Asia general manager of Xbox operations, has told Reuters that Microsoft expects Xbox 360 to move faster than next year’s market.“Outpacing the market is a key measure, but we’ve also managed to broaden the market to include people who have never played video games before,” he said.“So what is really driving our growth […]

    13 years ago