PSA: first Quantum Conundrum DLC available now

Just a reminder that you can have more Quantum Conundrum should you want it, a state of being brought about by having played any Quantum Conundrum at all. The Desmond Debacle is available on Steam for just $2.99, and includes a whole new wing of the Quadwrangle Manor. Quantum Conundrum is also available on PlayStation […]

Airtight headlines

  • Quantum Condundrum's shift device looks like good fun

    You probably already know that Portal creator Kim Swift has a new game coming, and that it lets you switch between dimensions to solve her mind-bending puzzles. But did you know it also gives you a robust physics engine and a device for tearing things up? So this new trailer demonstrates.

  • Kim Swift: Good level design 'manipulates' players

    Portal creator Kim Swift makes her approach to puzzle design sound quite diabolical.

  • LA - Quantum Conundrum promo wants you

    Marketing tour de force iam8bit has something pretty special in the works to promote the Square Enix-published puzzler Quandrum Conundrum, and while neither party is ready to give details, they are inviting 50 fans to take part in whatever it is. You need to be available in the Los Angeles area on May 11 and […]

  • Statement - Capcom has "not announced" a Dark Void PC demo

    Following Capcom US saying last night that it “looks” as though there won’t be a PC Dark Void demo, Capcom UK’s issued an official statement on the matter. In short, don’t go waiting up, PC people.

  • No PC demo for Dark Void

    PC owners looking forward to a Dark Void demo to complement the console versions due this week shouldn’t hold there breath – there isn’t going to be one.

  • Dark Void video shows vertical combat, flight

    Capcom’s released another Dark Void dev diary, as you can see after the break, this time detailing flight and vertical combat. It really is vertical. As in, straight up. And the flight sequence tech really does look good. Fingers crossed. PC, 360 and PS3. No date on it yet. Thanks, BigDownload.

  • Dark Void full of flying, orchestral tones, robotic gunfire

    Dark Void allows you to be a pilot that slips through “the Void” into a parallel dimension and the soundtrack and visuals are awesome, apparently. Joystiq seemed pretty enthralled with its hands-on at E3, and said that the gameplay “reaches levels of freshness few games are able to tap into.” The screens and video sure […]