Aion: The Tower Of Eternity

Aion’s anniversary celebrated with events, new game content

NCSoft have revealed that they’re going to kick of a variety of different celebratory events this week in honour of Aion: The Tower of Eternity, which turns two in the US and Europe this week.

Aion: The Tower Of Eternity headlines

  • NCsoft promotes Chris Hager to producer of Aion

    NCsoft has announced that Aion associate producer Chris “Kinslon” Hager is now the game’s full-fledged producer.

  • Aion glitch makes players instant trillionaires

    Aion players on the Azphel server were given 30 trillion Kinah yesterday, as a game bug caused money sacks to overflow with in-game cash.

  • NCsoft working on queue solutions for bombarded Aion

    NCsoft has said that if adding more servers to Aion would but an end to the endless queues, it would have already done so. Speaking with Eurogamer, NCsoft’s Ryan James told the site that people are causing the queues by trying to log into the busiest worlds. “If the solution were as simple as rolling […]

  • Aion gets two new Euro servers

    NCsoft said today that its opened two new Aion servers for Europe. French-speaking players can make their new feathery home on the Deltras server. English speakers among you can plump for Kahrun. On Friday, NCsoft announced that a new West coast US server, Fregion, was added, and an East coast server will follow shortly. There’s […]

  • Aion launches in Europe

    Aion’s launched in Europe, NCsoft confirmed today. The MMO is by far the largest game of its type taking off this year, and those looking to inhabit the European servers will no doubt be praying the crippling rush of the game’s pre-start program has calmed somewhat. “We’re extremely excited to finally deliver the game to […]

  • Aion server queues unlikely to be "repeated regularly"

    NCsoft MMO Aion’s been experiencing some clogging issues since it went live yesterday, with many seeing waits of several hours before being able to get a-levelling. The publisher isn’t worried. “This isn’t a scenario that’s likely to be repeated regularly since it’s really just about that initial rush of players trying to gain access to […]

  • Aion: NCsoft promises "at least one major update a year"

    Aion’s will get “at least” one major annual content update going forward, NCsoft has confirmed to VG247. “There will be at least one major update a year,” said brand manager Christian-Peter Heimbach, talking in an interview published today. “You know this from our previous titles. We’re currently adjusting on how we’re going to make these […]

  • Aion - NCsoft talks content updates, softening the grind, more

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, NCsoft MMO Aion releases this week. More than 400,000 people are lined up to play the Korean fantasy import, and it’s looking very much like this is the largest MMO event of the year by a substantial margin. To celebrate, we had a chat with brand manager […]

  • Aion preorders nearing 400K, NCsoft is very pleased

    NCsoft has announced that Aion preorders are nearing the 400,000 mark, making it the “biggest MMO launch of the year”. As a bonus to those who preordered their copy, NCsoft is allowing buyers to pre-select their servers starting September 18 and participate in the five-day headstart period, beginning September 20. The game goes live for […]

  • Western Aion activated pre-orders pass 300,000

    NCsoft MMO Aion now has more than 300,000 activated pre-orders ahead of its western launch later this month, Euro MD Véronique Lallier told VG247 yesterday. “Aion’s starting to achieve nice numbers,” said the boss. “We are over 300,000 activated pre-orders in the West. “It’s looking healthy. It’s nice and healthy two weeks before the launch… […]

  • Dates announced for Aion's Open Beta, Pre-Select and Headstart programs

    NCsoft has announced that its open Beta test for Aion will take place September 6-13. Open Beta will retain a level cap for both Elyos and Asmodians characters at 30 allowing players to focus on getting to the same level so they can explore Atreia and the Abyss. Those who have preordered the game will […]

  • Aion website gets update with its own Wiki

    NCsoft has revamped the website for Aion: The Tower of Eternity with its own Wiki and online manual. The site itself looks different, has a feed linking your to Aion’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as the developers and regional CM’s Twitter feeds Closed Beta for Aion started today at Noon PST/8pm CET. Thanks, […]

  • Aion: The Tower of Eternity gets a release date

    NCSoft has announced that Aion: The Tower of Eternity will launch in North America on September 22 and in Europe on September 25. The lovely looking MMO has flying, strategic combat, and the ability to “ascend to divinity”. Cool. If you haven’t seen the video for it that was posted yesterday, go have a look-see. […]

  • Aion summer Beta kick-off begins this weekend

    The July issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer has listed the Beta dates for Aion. Aion’s official website confirms the Asmodian Beta talking place this weekend, but other than what the magazine posted, the rest has not been announced. June 19-21: Asmodian closed beta capped at level 10 July 3-5: Asmodian level cap increases July […]

  • Aion pulls in one million players in China

    Within the first four days of launch, Aion pulled in one million players who happily paid for at least one hour of gameplay, reports Shanda Interactive Entertainment began charging users an hourly rate for the MMORPG’s “Yao Sai Pan Long” scenario, but despite the success, Deutsche Bank has told investors to hold off on […]

  • NCsoft's MMO titles now available on Steam

    NCsoft has entered the Steam age, and is now offering all of its MMOs through the digital distribution service. Starting today, all current NCsoft titles are available, and once it’s released, the lovely Aion: The Tower of Eternity will also make an appearance. Over the next few weeks, the service will be offering exclusive deals […]

  • NCsoft releases another gorgeous Aion video

    NCsoft’s latest zone tour video for Aion: The Tower of Eternity shows off the Morheim zone. There’s not much to dislike here. It’s lovely. Watch on. Aion’s out in the West this year, all being well.

  • Explore the Poeta zone in latest Aion trailer

    NCsoft has put out a new trailer for Aion: Tower of Eternity, showing off the lush zone of Poeta. It’s home to peaceful farmers and villagers who cut timber in accordance with an ancient agreement with the tree people, apparently. Too bad their existence does not stay peaceful for long. Well, it isn’t really. There’d […]

  • Aion's Altgard region is pretty, video proves it

    Aion: The Tower of Eternity is lovely to say the least: NCsoft wants to show you just how much by giving you a tour of its Altgard zone. Game’s out this fall. Watch the video below. Area backstory is posted as well.

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