Reminder: Afrika out in the US today

Call this a friendly reminder, if you will, as Natsume has announced that Afrika is now available in the US on PS3. ‘Bout damn time, we say. It has over 70 animals in it with over 100 missions, and if you are in the US and want it, check with your local retailer. Hooray. Via […]

Afrika headlines

  • Despite high production value, Afrika will be affordable

    With production values beyond the typical budget game, Natsume promises that Afrika will not destroy your wallet too much. “We are not so interested in the so-called ‘value’ titles,” Yasuhiro Maekawa told Gamasutra. “Most of the Natsume games I’d say are about in the middle. Sort of normal retail price titles with normal graphical levels. […]

  • Natsume discusses how it was picked to be Afrika's US publisher

    Natsume’s VP of Operations, Graham Markay, has told Siliconera that the PS2 localization for Finny the Fish was how the publisher reeled in the rights to publish Afrika in the US. “We have a relationship with Sony Japan,” Markay told the site. “You might remember Finny the Fish? That game was done by Sony Japan. […]

  • Hands-on with Afrika talks about grass, camera angles

    Everyone has been talking about Afrika for what seems like ten years now. Finally leaving Japan this year, the game was on hand at E3 and Kotaku got 20 minutes of play time with it. If you can get past the comparisons to Pokemon snap, you should get a bit of information out of it. […]

  • Natsume announces E3 line-up - Afrika, Harvest Moon on hand

    Natsume has announced its E3 line-up for next week, and attendees who love Harvest Moon or are excited about Afrika are in for a treat. “We can’t wait to show everyone our outstanding lineup of titles for 2009, said Natsume president Hiro Maekawa. “This is our biggest lineup ever! We have something for people of […]

  • Afrika releasing in US this year

    Natsume is to release PS3’s Afrika in the US this year, according to this IGN report. We know at least two people that’ll be pleased by this. There’s lots of preview detail through the link. Same thing. Still has charging hippos.

  • Dead Space wins two awards at 7th Annual GANG Audio Awards

    Dead Space received two awards during the 7th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards during GDC last week. Audio of The Year and Sound Design of The Year were accepted by EA Redwood Studios for it’s space-horror shooter, while composer Wataru Hokoyama took home two as well – one for Rookie of the Year and […]

  • National Geographic to publish Afrika in the US?

    According to this PS3F story, National Geographic has picked up the rights to Afrika and is to publish the game in America until the title National Geographic: Africa. Not sure where this came from originally, but we know at least one person who’ll probably piss his pants at this. More through the link.

  • SCEE: "No plans" for Afrika in Europe

    Sony Europe has confirmed to videogaming247 today that there are “no plans” for a European release of the safari-photography game, Afrika, as was rumoured earlier today. “I can now confirm that there are currently no plans to release Afrika in Europe,” a Sony spokesperson said. Consider that official. By Mike Bowden

  • Sony's Afrika Europe bound?

    French site Play3-live reckons that Sony’s game of the year candidate, Afrika, will be coming to Europe after all. Apparently there was a Sony stand at Photokina in Cologne last week, showing the safari photo-bonanza in English. When inquisitive journalists inquired about it, they were told that the game would be releasing in Europe in […]

  • Far Cry 2 “too complex” for a demo

    Ubisoft’s Far Cry 2 isn’t far-off, but until the game actually launches, you’ll only be looking at the mutant-free shooter – not touching. In a live chat with the Eurogamer community, producer Louis-Pierre Pharand explained: “No demos will be available. It became too complex to do a demo of an open-world game. We decided to […]

  • Afrika - 7/10

    Words fail us, frankly. Eurogamer’s given Afrika a 7/10 review score, saying that the graphics are “a little disappointing.” After all that. Snip: It’s not perfect. The visuals are a little disappointing; they’re pretty rather than stunning. While the animals look realistic they don’t exhibit much individual behaviour, and their actions can be predictable. And, […]

  • The first eight minutes of Arika shows HIPPO RUSH

    Oh, sweet Jesus. A game hasn’t made us laugh this much for years. Gamersyde’s posted a movie of the first eight minutes of Afrika, the PS3 game Europe didn’t want. Seriously, our words are pointless. Watch it right to the end. The terror that woman feels must be indescribable.

  • New Afrika trailer released

    After the jump. Gamekyo again. Looks the same as it ever did: pretty and relaxing although too much Japanese text to even consider an import. Go watch.

  • New Afrika video released

    You can watch it here. Loads of purdy backdrops and lighting going on with some animals milling about a watering hole. We’re having internal battles about this at videogaming247. Make your own minds up through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • New Afrika screenshots and video released

    We’re a bit late on the first one, but Watch.Impress published a truckload of superb looking Afrika screenshots last week. On top of that there’s a new “making of” soundtrack video that you can see after the break. This game is looking better by the minute, we reckon, and we’re going to start one of […]

  • Afrika's gazelles are "extremely life-like"

    Some details from a hands-on of Sony Japan’s Afrika here, and some new screens. Don’t get us started. To quote: “GNN says they found the zebras, gazelles and giraffes earlier in the game extremely life-like, like watching National Geographic channel. However, getting too close to these animals will either scare them away or being attacked […]

  • Afrika priced and dated

    Here it is. Be sure you’re sitting in case you foul yourself. According to this Kotaku piece, Afrika will release in Japan on August 28, priced 5980 yen. SCEE’s already said this isn’t going to make it to Europe, so you’d better get importing. Provided you can stand the tension of waiting for the post. […]

  • Afrika gameplay trailer released

    Earlier today Sony Japan released a new gameplay trailer for safari photo-shoot game, Afrika, on the Japanese PSN. For those of you who aren’t able to download the trailer, click the link to see it for yourselves. Afrika will be released in Japan August 28. By Mike Bowden

  • Afrika, the videogame, is "very SAFARI!"

    Have a front page? Hold it. Stop all presses while you’re at it. A Japanese retailer has posted a description of what Afrika actually is, meaning those endless, dreary dark nights of the soul are o-o-over: it’s a game where you trot in air balloons and take photographs. Apparently, “As a photojournalist for the foot, […]

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