Advertising Standards Authority

Wii U ad pulled by UK’s Advertising Standards Auithority

The UK’s first Wii U TV spot has been banned from airing over concerns it misleads consumers as to the console’s capabilities.

8 years ago

Advertising Standards Authority headlines

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    The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled EA did not practice in false advertisement when promoting the fact players’ choices would influence the ending of Mass Effect 3. The firm found the endings in the game to be “thematically quite different,” and while it was aware players felt they didn’t influence the ending as much as […]

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    A British Xbox 360 ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for not clarifying the fact that downloaded Live movies could only be kept for 14 days.According to the ASA, the small print failed to mention that anyone who used the download service must own the Xbox 360 with hard drive, which […]

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