Darkfall: Unholy Wars release date set

After five months of beta testing, including the elimination of at least one major bug and eight major updates, Adventurine has set a lunch date for Darkfall: Unholy Wars. The MMO will officially open its doors on April 16, so prepare yourself by checking out the PvP-heavy effort’s website.Thanks, Massively.

8 years ago

Adventurine headlines

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars shows off its crafting chops

    Darkfall: Unholy Wars is going to have a heck of a lot of crafting options, including everything up to full-sized, working ships, according to a new trailer.

    8 years ago
  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars beta delayed by persistance bug

    A post on the Darkfall forums explains why the latest entry in the MMO series, Unholy Wars, hasn’t gone into beta as expected. The testing session has been delayed while Adventurine wipes out a particularly nasty persistance bug which occasionally robs players of all their gear.Thanks, Massively.

    9 years ago
  • Darkfall to release next week, pricing confirmed

    Indie PvP MMO Darkfall Online will be released next week, EG reports.The game will cost €42 and come with a month of play-time. After that, it’s €11.77 per month, according to developer Adventurine.There will be 10 and 15 per cent discounts on the subscription rate for three- and six-month packages.Lots more through there.

    12 years ago