PSP adhocParty launches, gets walkthrough video

PSP marketing manager, Kristin Neirinckx, has posted a video walkthrough over on the US PS Blog detailing how to use the new adhocParty system.In case you have been living out in the wilderness with wolves and are just now coming back to civilization, the online service allows PSP users who own a PS3 to connect […]

11 years ago

AdhocParty headlines

  • adhocParty coming soon for North American PSP users

    Kristin Neirinckx, marketing manager for PSP, has posted over on the US PS Blog that adhocParty is coming to North America. Already out in Japan, the service allows PSP owners with a PS3 to connect to one another via PSN.This means that soon you’ll be able to play Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite […]

    11 years ago