Loot boxes push kids into gambling, says NHS mental health director [Update]

England’s National Health Service mental health director has published a report claiming video game loot boxes push children into gambling.

7 months ago

Addiction headlines

  • Gaming linked to heroin, child death in latest attacks from UK media

    The UK press is taking a couple of swings at video games again today, linking them to heroin and the death of a child.

    6 years ago
  • Report - 1 in 10 children in Singapore addicted to games

    According to a recently-released study, one in ten children in Singapore are addicted to videogames.

    10 years ago
  • Britain gets first games rehab clinic

    Britain now has a games rehab clinic. The Telegraph has the story. Apparently, “Suffers [sic] spend days at a time glued to their computer screens – going without food, sleep, or any social interaction.”Broadway Lodge is a residential unit in Weston-super-Mare, and treats around 400 addicts a year for a range of issues including, drink, […]

    11 years ago
  • WoW rehab now available in the US

    Addicted to World of Warcraft? Have $14,000? Live in America, or have access to an aircraft that can get you to America? Son, your boat’s come in.Something called ReSTART’s been launched in the US, offering a 45-day, $14,000 program that employs a “cold-turkey” approach to help people wean themselves from “pathological computer use,” which can […]

    11 years ago
  • ESA calls out Iowa games addiction research

    ESA boss Mike Gallagher has challenged an Iowa State University study that claimed up to 8.5 percent of game-playing American youths aged 8-18 show multiple signs of behavioral addiction.“As you are likely aware, such a sample is not truly representative of a national population group,” Gallagher said in a letter to Psychological Science’s Dr Robert […]

    11 years ago
  • Report: 3 million US children addicted to videogames

    Whoops. An Iowa State University study has found that 8.5 percent of game-playing American youths aged 8-18 show multiple signs of behavioral addiction. From this Washington Post piece:The study found that 88 percent of the nation’s children ages 8 to 18 play video games. With 45 million children of that age in the country, the […]

    11 years ago
  • MMO gamers are "addicts," says Pachter

    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter’s called MMO players “addicts” in an interview with Reuters.“I don’t think (online multiplayer games) get impacted at all, because people who play them are addicts,” he said.“Losing their jobs makes them more likely to play because they have more time to play.”There are some raw nerves in gaming, Michael, and […]

    12 years ago
  • Chinese fear games "breakdown traditional community life"

    Very interesting article here, in which MIT professor Henry Jenkins argues that China’s concern over the impact of games centres on addiction as opposed to the western political obsession with morality and violence.“The Chinese had little interest in the argument that games violence causing real world violence,” he said, speaking from the International Games and […]

    13 years ago