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  • One last chance to get into the Diablo III beta

    Still hoping to get in on the highly exclusive Diablo 3 closed beta? Well you’ve got one last chance!

  • Goldeneye 007 Reloaded multiplayer trailer released

    The Wii version of Goldeneye is already being revamped after only a year on the market, and now Activision is showing off the redone classic multiplayer.

  • Blizzard seemingly brings in WoW money-trading scheme

    A new pet introduced to the WoW store can be purchased with cash then traded on the auction house for in-game currency.

  • Two new Modern Warfare 3 AC-130 "Iron Lady" screens released

    Get a quick glimpse at two new screenshots from the newly revealed MW3 level, Iron Lady.

  • Modern Warfare 3 boss talks competition in video interview

    One of the top leaders at Sledgehammer Games sat down with Eurogamer to talk all-things Modern Warfare 3, including his feelings on the competition.

  • Blizzard: Diablo 3 "feels even better" with a gamepad

    Blizzard’s console intentions for Diablo 3 are hinted at yet again with the game’s director telling the press how well he feels the game benefits from being played with a controller.

  • EA releases Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare trailer

    It’s barely even September and the war between Battlefield and Call of Duty is already heating up. Just as we’re expecting a load of information to come in from the CoD: Elite event, EA has released a new trailer for BF3.

  • Activision sells 18 million Black Ops map packs

    Black Ops map packs are selling through the roof. Also, surprise of the century, Activision is raking in money by the truckload.

  • GoldenEye 007: Reloaded MI6 Ops Mode gets trailered

    Activision’s released a new trailer for GoldenEye 007: Reloaded – the HD remake of Wii’s GoldenEye 007 and it shows the “MI6 Ops” mode in action. The mode will feature a new set of missions and the video contains gameplay footage giving you a glipmse of what’s in store for you. The title will be releasing […]

  • Diablo III Beta gameplay footage looks and sounds amazing

    We’ve more than seven minutes’ worth of pure Diablo III gameplay footage taken from the beta after the break. It features several locations, spells and characters abilities, as well as some thumping audio. Diablo III had a preview event last week, details of which can be found here. Watch the video after the break.

  • Analyst sees more diversity in upcoming Acti-Blizz lineup

    An analyst with firm Sterne Agee said today that he sees encouraging diversity in the upcoming product lineup from juggernaut publisher Activision Blizzard.

  • Call of Duty: Elite's free features unveiled

    Activision’s updated the official Call of Duty: Elite FAQ, explaining what will be offered free-of-charge to gamers by the service.

  • Chudley: Bizarre Creations could have bought itself out

    Some former Bizarre Creations executives have spoken up in the latest Edge about the developer’s closure, and have revealed that Activision offered a management buyout option on the 17 year-old company.

  • Cowen slashes Q4 DJ Hero forecast by 60%

    Analyst Doug Creutz from Cowen Group has good and bad news for Activision Blizzard. The good news: Creutz thinks investors don’t need to worry about the music genre anymore.

  • WoW: Cataclysm intro cinematic features one fiery dragon

    Blizzard’s released the intro cinematic for WoW: Cataclysm. It’s all about the fire.

  • ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials - everything in one place

    Say whatever you want about Activision Blizzard, but one thing’s for sure: gaming’s premier publishing powerhouse is never boring. Whether it’s Bobby Kotick tying the industry to a table and rambling on about his diabolical plans to suck the fun out of development or the recent Infinity Ward fiasco, there’s never a dull moment in […]

  • First Tony Hawk: RIDE reviews are... mixed

    The first reviews of Tony Hawk: Ride have started to trickle in, and sprained ankles and bruised egos seem to be the name of the game here. Well, mostly. So, is this the large plastic, skateboard-shaped nail in the Tony Hawk franchise’s coffin? Let’s take a look. Game Informer – 5.75/10 G4 – 1/5 (!) […]

  • Kotick: Next Blizzard MMO to have more "broad appeal"

    11.5 million’s not a number to sneeze at, but Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick thinks Blizzard’s next MMO can go even “broader” than that. He briefly spoke about the untitled, un-detailed, un-everything-else-traditionally-associated-with-a-game MMO during the recent Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco. “What we’ve announced at Blizzard is that we have Starcraft [II] […]

  • Modern Warfare 2's PC price shooting up to $60?

    If a number of listings from major US retailers are to be believed, then yes. GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy all have Modern Warfare 2 listed at the PC-unfriendly price of $60. Only Walmart’s still asking $50 for Activision Blizzard’s next cash cow. But no one ever tells Walmart anything. It’s not cool. We’ve sent […]

  • Warcraft to go back online in China soon?

    IncGamers reckon it is. The site is reporting that GAPP – the firm responsible for authorising World of Warcraft – has almost finishing doing whatever it is it does and that the games should go live again in China soon. Apparently, there’s a bit of violent conduct that needs to be removed and then everything […]

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