Acti Blizz Q2 Financials 09

Blizzcon 2009 tickets sold out in 8 minutes

Missed this from the Acti Q2 call earlier this week. Company execs said in the chat that all 20,000 Blizzcon tickets sold out in less than eight minutes this year. The event’s taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center in California on August 20-21. Are we going? Yes, we are. Hit BigDownload for more.

Acti Blizz Q2 Financials 09 headlines

  • Acti Blizz Q2 earnings call - the full transcript

    Here’s the Seeking Alpha transcript of last night’s Activision Blizzard Q2 earnings call. Bad Bobby, Mental Mike and Tonto Tippl were all in the house. It was a proper scream. Knock yourself out. Get all the major news from the financial release and call here.

  • Kotick: I would raise game prices even further

    Forgot about this last night. In the Q&A part of the Acti Blizz earnings call, Bobby Kotick said he’d like to see game prices raised even further. The response came after Mike Griffith answered an analyst question on price points. Here it is in full: Michael J. Griffith And then on the second question, Tony, […]

  • Acti Blizz Q2 financials - everything in one place

    That was fun! Delays for both StarCraft II and, mental Xbox Live comparisons and Mike Morhaime beaten down by a brutal double analyst clothes line. Activision Blizzard’s Q2 earnings report could have been a lot drier. You were in bed, or having sex with the dog, or something. We weren’t. We’re here for you. […]

  • Blizzard lowers full-year guidance on SCII delay

    Activision Blizzard has significantly reduced its full-year guidance on the now-confirmed StarCraft II delay, pulling revenue estimates for calendar 2009 down to $4.05 billion from $4.3 billion. The publisher admitted the slip in its Q2 earnings last night, saying the delay was necessary to match the upcoming relaunch of Both will now happen in […]

  • Morhaime: "Correct to conclude" that two Blizzard games will hit in 2010

    Speaking in the Acti Blizz Q2 earnings call tonight, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime caved on the subject of whether or not two Blizzard games would release next year, saying it was “correct to conclude” that StarCraft II’s now-confirmed delay into 2010 means the publisher’s about to double up. Morhaime stated in a previous earnings call […]

  • ActiBlizz Q2 financials: Griffith gives hardware estimates for 2009

    Activision CEO Mike Griffith announced today the company’s expected console install base for North America and Europe by the end of 2009. Handhelds: 108 million Wii: 50 million Xbox 360: 33 million PS3: 20 million Total: 211 million Expectations for the console install base were lowered by one million units. The figures came from the […]

  • Hawk: Ride will only get US, UK and German launches this year

    Activision CEO Mike Griffith just confirmed that Tony Hawk: Ride will only launch in the US, UK and Germany this year. Other territories will get the peripheral-based game in 2010. The comments came in the company’s Q2 financial call, which is ongoing.

  • ActiBlizz Q2 financials: New Bond game in the works

    Activision’s Mike Griffith has just announced that a new Bond game will release in 2010. No release date or details were announced. In the same breath, he stated that new Tony Hawk and Spider-Man games were also expected in the next calendar year. This is in line with the company’s commitment to proven franchises, said […]

  • ActiBlizz Q2 financials: CoD4 has sold close to 14 million units

    Mike Griffith said today that CoD4 has now sold close to 14 million units. This was stated during the company’s Q2 financial call to investors. Griffith said that Modern Warfare 2 has netted more pre-orders than any other game in Activision’s history. He also went on to discuss the company’s commitment to map packs and […]

  • Acti Blizz Q2 financials: Game kiosks and demos to be in stores this holiday

    Activision’s Mike Griffith has said that multiple sections in stores during the holidays will have ActiBlizz kiosks featuring games and demos. This is to push proven titles and new ones coming out for the year. The call is on going, so stick with us.

  • Acti Blizz explains delay, points to "premier online gaming destination"

    The upgraded needs extra development time to be critical to Activision’s vision for the service, according to a mailer just sent our way. The service will now launch in early 2010. StarCraft II has now been delayed to match its release. “Our mission is to develop games that deliver an epic entertainment experience,” said […]

  • Kotick: New will be "a service similar to Xbox Live"

    Acti Blizz boss Bobby Kotick said tonight that the upcoming relaunch will be comparable in scope to Xbox Live. The service is now confirmed to be launching “early next year.” “To put into context, it will be a service similar to Xbox Live, and it will leverage the technologies, infrastructure and expertise that […]

  • Acti Blizz beats $1 billion revenue in Q2

    Acti Blizz just beat guidance in the second quarter, bringing in $1.04 billion revenue compared to a $1 billion estimate. EPS was was $0.15. The company claimed in its release that it grew quarterly North American and European market share 2.8 points across all platforms to 12.7 percent from 9.9 percent for the previous year, […]

  • StarCraft II pushed in first-half 2010 to match relaunch

    Acti Blizz just confirmed that StarCraft II will launch in the first half of 2010 “to coincide with the relaunch of its upgraded online -gaming service.” The news Blizzard fans have been dreading to hear came in the company’s just-released Q2 financial report. “As we prepare for next year, we have moved the expected […]

  • Acti Blizzard Q2 financials - Krazy Kotick and Mad Mike get busy tonight

    Following the thrill of last night’s EA Q1 earnings release, tonight sees Acti Blizz get in on the action with its Q2 figures announcement and earnings call. These are numbers for the second quarter of the company’s fiscal 2009. We’ll get the results after NYSE market close tonight. The call’s scheduled for 1.30pm PST (866-921-6496 […]