Microsoft’s bringing its own motion controllers to market this holiday for Windows 10 VR headsets

Microsoft showed off a new, mixed reality VR offering for Windows 10, and it’s a set of motion controllers which will support select headsets.

Acer headlines

  • Microsoft announces $299 virtual reality headsets from its partners will hit the market next year

    Various hardware makers are teaming up with Microsoft to develop virtual reality headsets expected for release next year.

  • Starbreeze teams up with Acer to make StarVR

    Acer is getting into the virtual reality industry, thanks to a new deal with StarVR developers Starbreeze.

  • Acer Games to come pre-loaded on all new PCs

    New Acer systems will henceforth come with a built-in suite of formerly web-based games powered by a partnership with Pokki.

  • Acer not making console: "James Wong was wrongly interpreted"

    Acer has just confirmed to videogaming247 that a story that broke earlier this week – claiming that Taiwanese laptop manufacturer Acer was planning to release an open-license games console – is based on misinterpreted quotes and is incorrect. “That was a major misunderstanding as JT [James T Wong, Acer’s senior VP – Ed] was wrongly […]

  • Oddest story of the month: Acer to enter console market

    This has to be “confused”. According to this, Acer has announced that it’s planning to launch an open-license console platform. The news comes from a German press conference, where SVP James Wong “accidentally” revealed plans for the machine. Roughly translated from here: The Taiwanese notebook manufacturer Acer plans to enter into the console market. This […]

  • GDC: PC Gaming Alliance announced

    As expected, major PC companies have announced the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) today at GDC, a non-profit organisation backed by Microsoft, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Dell/Alienware, Acer/Gatway, Activision, Epic Games and Razer. The group expects to grow throughout the year. The idea of the Alliance is not only to promote PC gaming to the public, but […]