Nintendo eShop Europe: Denpa Men 3 & NES Volleyball lead the week

Nintendo has published its weekly eShop update for 3DS, 2DS and Wii U, with NES Volleyball and the crazy Denpa Men 3 leading the week.

Abyss headlines

  • Nintendo US eShop update, May 1: Mega Man Xtreme, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf: World Tour

    Nintendo has updated the North American end of the eShop with high profile titles Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf: World Tour releasing through the store tomorrow, May 2. Mega Man Xtreme, which is out today, is the first of many Mega Man games to be released every Thursday throughout May.

  • Abyss from EnjoyUp Games will be released for Wii U next month

    Abyss, the underwater exploring title from EnjoyUp Games, will be released for Wii U next month. It will release through the eShop on May 1 in North America and May 8 in Europe. It will run you €1.99/£1.79. The game was released through the eShop on DSiWare in 2012. Thanks, Nintendo Life.

  • Abyss from EnjoyUp Games is now available in Europe

    Abyss, the underwater exploring title from EnjoyUp Games, is now available in Europe through DSiWare and the Nintendo eShop. It will run you 200 Points. There’s also a trailer for the game below, which you’ve probably seen before, so just consider all of this a memory refresher and go with it.

  • VectorRacing, Metal Slug X, Abyss round out Nintendo download offerings

    Nintendo’s download offerings are a bit sparse this week, with three games on offer for North American users. VectorRacing is available through the eShop for 3DS; Metal Slug X – based on Metal Slug 2 with the added “Iron Lizard” and “Drop Shot” weapons, hits Virtual Console; and Abyss has been released for DSiWare.

  • DSiWare title Abyss gets new trailer

    EnjoyUp Games has given its latest DSiWare title Abyss the trailer treatment, showing off some underwater exploring action. Abyss was originally announced in June, and sees players navigating the robot Nep2no in a search for energy sources called Gaia stones. See it in motion below.

  • Abyss lands on eShop, DSiWare

    EnjoyUp Games has announced the DSiWare release of Abyss. The game tasks players with navigating the Nep2no robot under the sea where it will collect Gaia stones. Players must keep the robot in the as much of the ever-decreasing light as possible. It is also available through the eShop service. Thanks, NintendoLife.