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New Halo reveal “sooner rather than later,” says Aaron Greenburg

Speaking to MTV, Microsoft production head Aaron Greenburg has indicated that the wait for news on the new Bungie Halo game may not be as long as you’d probably feared.“Hopefully soon,” he said when asked when we’re going to hear something.“We haven’t said anything exactly yet, but I know the ‘Halo’ nation and Xbox fans […]

13 years ago

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  • XBLA cull will force focus on quality, says Greenburg

    Director of product management, Aaron Greenberg, has also told GamesIndustry.biz that he believes developers will still be willing to experiment, rather than sticking to safe concepts in order to receive a high score and avoid the upcoming XBLA cull.“I really don’t think we will see that at all, in fact many unique style games typically […]

    13 years ago