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  • Aaron Greenberg: MS "never intended to mislead people" with MS Points

    Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has revealed that the company never intended to “mislead” folks when using MS Points as currency on Xbox Live.

  • Aaron Greenberg sees Natal as helpful tool for Japanese game market

    Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg claimed that Natal could help fix general trade woes in Japan.

  • Greenberg: Natal is "not just about playing games"

    Speaking with Kotaku at CES, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has said that Project Natal is about more than killing aliens.

  • Greenberg: "There will be millions of Natals in consumer's homes this holiday"

    Speaking with Joystiq at CES, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has said that “millions” will have Project Natal in their homes this year.

  • Microsoft says we're a "long ways away" from 3D in the living room

    With 3D a huge topic of discussion and demonstration at this year’s CES in Vegas, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has decided to throw his two-cents in, saying the technology is not something we’ll see in our living rooms any time soon.

  • Greenberg confirms Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 for FH2010

    Microsoft games boss Aaron Greenberg’s confirmed both Crackdown 2 and Alan Wake for a first-half 2010 release, speaking in the latest Major Nelson podcast. “Starting in January we have like a triple A exclusive title pretty much every month for the first half of the year. You’ve got Mass Effect 2, you’ve got Splinter Cell, […]

  • Greenberg: Reach, not GT5, will win 2010

    Halo: Reach will be the biggest game of 2010, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg’s assured Gama, and not Polyphony’s GT5. “Is it launching next year?” he joked of the racer. “I’ve seen years and years of mini-games, but I haven’t seen that the game is done. They just released the PSP version – maybe that’s what they’ve […]

  • Microsoft's Thanksgiving was "biggest sales week of the year"

    Over Thanksgiving weekend, the getting was good for Microsoft. How good? According to Director of Product Management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Aaron Greenberg, “biggest sales week of the year” good. “Great #BlackFriday results just in, biggest sales week of the year for #Xbox360, more than 2xs previous week sales,” he tweeted. Greenberg stopped […]

  • Aaron Greenberg's not concerned over NPD figures for September

    Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has told Game Informer that he is unconcerned with PS3 and Wii price cuts, citing that PS3 being number one on the charts is expected. “I can tell you to that when NPD releases September sales later today, we fully expect PlayStation 3 will come in as the console with the most […]

  • Greenberg: MS "shapes up really well versus Sony" for winter

    Microsoft’s 360 software line-up is strong enough to hold off Sony’s first-party games this winter, Aaron Greenberg, newly-crowned “director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live,” has told Eurogamer. As EG points out, Sony has Uncharted 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain, ModNation Racers, Ratchet & Clank and Gran Turismo 5 arriving […]

  • Xbox 360 price cut timing "completely coincidental"

    Aaron Greenberg has told G4 that the timing on the Xbox 360 price is was completely coincidental. “Typically these types of price changes are targeted to drive sales for the holiday season,” said Greenberg. “However it is difficult for our retail partners to make these types of changes in November or December so we try […]

  • "No plans" for a 360 slim, says Greenberg

    Xbox 360, eh? Price cuts, price rises, HDMI drama: all we need now is a slim model and we’ve got the full set. Don’t hold your breath. “We feel great about our console,” 360 production boss Aaron Greenberg told Kotaku. “We have taken a different philosophy, adding more value to our existing console through updates […]

  • Greenberg - Hardware issues "well behind us"

    Xbox 360 production boss Aaron Greenberg has told Gamespot that 360’s RROD and E74 hardware disasters are now largely in the past. “We’ve been working hard to make improvements in the products we’re currently making, so I really feel like most of this is well behind us,” he said. Greenberg added that production advancements have […]

  • Greenberg: MS E3 was "historic" - Sony did a "good job" too

    Xbox 360 product boss Aaron Greenberg has said he believes Microsoft’s E3 performance was nothing short of “historic.” He also revealed that he owns a PS3, plays games on it and reckons Sony did a “good job” in LA earlier this month. “Last year there were so many big games that we showed. We had […]

  • Ballmer - New Xbox in 2010: Greenberg and Nelson - No there isn't

    God’s sake. To cut a very long-winded story short, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer said at The Executive’s Club of Chicago last night that a new Xbox 360 will hit the store shelves in 2010. The machine, said Ballmer, is to have a “natural interface,” with built-in camera with the ability to recognize movement and voice. The […]

  • E3 Interview: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

    If you want to talk to a Microsoft exec about where Xbox 360 stands right now, there’s probably no better person to speak to than product management director Aaron Greenberg. The boss has just managed Microsoft’s entire E3 effort as executive producer – he ran Monday’s press conference – but took time to talk to […]

  • Greenberg: Ask Square if "not exclusive" FF14 is coming to 360

    Xbox product boss Aaron Greenberg has told VG247 that Final Fantasy is not an exclusive product to PlayStation 3, but remained coy on whether or not the MMO will launch on Xbox 360. “My understanding is that it is not exclusive,” he said in an interview today. “That would be a good question to ask […]

  • Project Natal and 3DV unrelated, says MS

    Microsoft’s Shane Kim and Aaron Greenberg has said that Project Natal and the company’s recent acquisition of 3DV tech have nothing to do with each other. Project Natal has been in development “for a long time.” “No, we built this in house,” echoed Greenberg. “None of those rumours did justice to what we were actually […]

  • Xbox 360 users have unlocked over 2.5 billion Achievements

    Aaron Greenberg has said that American Xbox 360 users have unlocked 2.5 billion Achievements, earning an accumulated Gamerscore of 52 billion. Averaged out, that means each 360 owner should have something like 150 Acheivements. Wow. Baffles the brain a bit don’t it? The numbers were revealed in a four page expose over on Gamasutra. Thanks, […]

  • February NPD - The Lost and Damned "would have outsold Killzone 2" at retail

    While we still don’t know exactly how many copies of GTA: The Lost and Damned were downloaded last month, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said last night that the figure was more than that achieved by Killzone 2 at retail – 323,000. The exec told Gamasutra the DLC was “the most successful game add-on content we’ve ever […]

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