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MS source brands “new Xbox” Natal talk as “nonsense”

A “senior Microsoft source familiar with Project Natal” has told Eurogamer that reports of Microsoft planning to release a new Xbox with Natal next year are “nonsense”.“Don’t believe nonsense on the internet is all I’ll say,” said the unnamed spokesperson.“We’ll do the right thing for Natal.” 1UP ran a rumour story on Friday saying “Xbox […]

12 years ago

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  • "We absolutely would not want to trade places with Sony," says Greenberg

    In response to Sony’s earlier claim that Microsoft and Nintendo continue are just “peddling add-ons,” 360 product manager Aaron Greenberg has told Kotaku at CES 09 that MS would “absolutely not want to trade places” with its rival.“First, I would say we absolutely would not want to trade places with Sony,” said Greenberg. “We feel […]

    13 years ago