8 Million

Free Realms passes 8 million sign-ups

SOE MMO Free Realms is entering scary-large territory, with more than 8 million users now signed up.

11 years ago

8 Million headlines

  • Assassin's Creed has sold 8 million copies

    Speaking to Joystiq at E3, Assassin’s Creed II producer Patrice Désilets has confirmed just how popular the original game actual was.“We sold some eight million copies of it, you know,” he said.Apparently the king of understatement, he added: “Some people really enjoyed and loved the game.”Assassin’s Creed II looked very awesome at E3. Now you […]

    12 years ago
  • Wii hits 8 million in Japan

    According to Famitsu figures, Wii has passed the 8 million barrier in Japan.The machine launched on December 2, 2006 in Japan.While the news is a major achievement for Nintendo, company top brass recently admitted that sales were stalling and that Wii was in an “unhealthy condition” in its home territory.

    12 years ago