Use of 1080p 3D in PS3 games being limited, says Sony

Sony’s senior development manager, Simon Benson, told attendees during his 3D demo at Develop this week the guidelines for 3D gaming on PS3 limit the display resolution at 720p.

11 years ago

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  • Ghostbusters PS3 patch increases res "to match that of Xbox 360" [Update]

    Atari’s released a patch for the PS3 version of Ghostbusters which it claims provides “an increase in resolution to match that of Xbox 360 and some freeze issues, along with numerous other localization fixes.”The 360 version runs at 720p, for the record. Does the update do what it’s supposed to do? We have a sneaking […]

    12 years ago
  • Videogamer.com claims first 720p video player among UK sites

    UK games site Videogamer.com has launched a 720p video player, claiming it’s the first in the country to do so.“I’m really exited at the launch of our HD offerings as we approach our busiest Christmas ever”, said site boss Adam McCann.“This is also a prime example of how VideoGamer.com is continually diversifying, providing new and […]

    13 years ago
  • PS3 1080i support working in Burnout Paradise

    According to Criterion’s site, the developer’s got 1080i support working in the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise, allowing people that own a 1080i TV that doesn’t support 720p to run the game in HD as opposed to SD. The feature is to be included in the next patch, 1.3 or “Cagney” as it’s called by […]

    13 years ago