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Payday 2 is getting a new FBI Files feature and enemy tomorrow

A free update for Payday 2 is going to introduce a few new elements to the game.

505 Games headlines

  • Ashes Cricket 2013 removed from sale following poor response, refunds incoming

    Ashes Cricket 2013 is, apparently, a bloody mess. Publisher 505 Games has removed the game from Steam, and is planning to issue a full refund to anyone who bought it.

  • Terraria releases on iOS, features and pricing detailed

    Terraria has launched on iOS, courtesy of publisher 505 Games. We’ve got pricing and gameplay details here.

  • THQ Section 363 auction results noted in SEC filing

    THQ has filed Form 8-K with the SEC regarding the recent acquisitions during its Chapter 11 Section 363 auction reported earlier this week.

  • Terraria launching on PS Vita in summer

    Terraria publisher 505 Games has confirmed that the 2D sandbox romp will be digging its way to PS Vita later this year.

  • Terraria console trailer shows off 8-player action, new final boss teased

    Terraria is heading to PS3 and Xbox 360, courtesy of publisher 505 Games. The company sent VG247 its brand-new trailer for the console build, which shows off the game’s rather lovely visuals, 8-player online multiplayer mode, starting tutorial and world map feature. You even get a glimpse of new armour, pets and ultimate weapons in […]

  • Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons gets serene new screens

    Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, the mysterious new game from Syndicate developer Starbreeze and 505 Games, has gotten some new screens, which you can check out for yourself in the gallery below.

  • New Supremacy MMA trailer unleashed

    505 Games has released a new trailer for Supremacy MMA showing why it’s tagged the “dirtiest MMA game yet”. The game is due out on September 23 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita. Watch the trailer below.

  • NecroVisioN gets classification in Australia after some changes

    NecroVisioN has passed classification in Australia, and can now be sold in the country. Farm 51 and 1C’s army/demon shooter had to undergo some changes to receive the MA15+ rating, like changing blood spray to gray dust, but those looking forward to the FPS can now at least purchase it. Whether it will be as […]

  • 505 Games joins the ESA

    505 Games has joined the Entertainment Software Association becoming the “third new member of the ESA to join this year, together with Natsume and Southpeak bringing the organization’s roster up to 23 companies,” so says Kotaku. “505 Games joins a diverse group of entertainment software companies all working toward the same goals,” said ESA CEO […]

  • Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen released for Wii

    Sunday megaton: Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen is now available for Wii. The sequel features 3D characters, added modes and loads of new recipes. So, instead of actually cooking real food in the kitchen and slicing and dicing your meats and veggies, you can simulate the whole thing in you very own living room — […]