3ds Price Drop

PSA: Register for Nintendo’s Ambassador program by 11:59pm tonight

Just a reminder that those of you who already own a 3DS, or just bought one on the cheap before the price-drop, you need to register for the Ambassador Program by 11:59pm in order to get your free 20 games from Nintendo. In order to do this, just perform a system update or visit the […]

9 years ago

3ds Price Drop headlines

  • Target drops 3DS price a day early

    Target’s the next retailer to drop the price of 3DS earlier than Nintendo plans, according to a report on Joystiq. A employee of the box store told the site: “There is a message board out to every store that the price changes are active today. Price changes must be activated by corporate.” This is more […]

    9 years ago
  • Rumor - Walmart dropping price of 3DS early

    According to a post over on CheapAssGamer, a source as told the site Walmart plans to drop the price of 3DS on August 9, which is three days before the official price drop goes into effect. Providing the information is true, it could presumably allow purchasers to download the 20 free downloadable games as part […]

    9 years ago