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  • Duke Nukem: Forever gets leaked footage, screens

    Imagine, you could have been playing this by late spring/early summer at the latest if it had gone Gold on Thursday. But you aren’t, so watch some new DNF footage instead.

  • 3D Realms: Duke Nukem Forever could have gone gold yesterday

    Just imagine: Halo Bollywood, Halo chess and more could have been completely nuked by Duke Nukem Forever yesterday. If only.

  • Leaked Duke Nukem: Forever footage shows wild west

    Some leaked gameplay footage of Duke Nukem: Forever’s got out.

  • 3D Realms' Scott Miller: EA should try to buy Take-Two again

    After failing to win over Take-Two back in 2008, EA CEO John Ricitiello called the whole courtship a “waste of ink.” 3D Realms’ Scott Miller, however, thinks he should give it another shot.

  • Broussard: Uncharted series "on par" with Half-Life

    3D Realms’ George Broussard has pinned Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series up with the very best after playing the heavily-hyped second game. “Amazing single player experiences,” he said, writing on the Shack forums. “Nearly, if not, on par with Half-Life 1/2. I haven’t felt this giddy over a game series since Half-Life. “This is epic badassery […]

  • Bethesda no-comments Prey acquisition

    Bethesda’s issued a fat “no comment” on news this morning that its grabbed the Prey IP from Apogee. The 3D Realms shooter now appears to be in the publisher’s hands, as you can see from this USPTO filing. Zenimax has also filed a new trademark on the property. New game? By id? Yes please, great […]

  • Prey rights shift to Zenimax, new trademark filed

    Apogee’s Prey now appears to be in the trusty hands of Zenimax, as you can see from this USPTO filing. Native American FPS still has a home, clearly. Zenimax has also filed a new trademark on the property. We’ll check now. Thanks, superannuation.

  • Duke Begins was being developed by Gearbox

    Take-Two Interactive has revealed via new court records that Gearbox Software was the developer for Duke Begins. The game was originally revealed via a court filing by 3D Realms. Duke Begins was apparently part of an agreement between Take-Two and 3D Realms in 2007 with Gearbox handling development. Since all the court hoopla, the title […]

  • Duke Nukem Forever screens just keep on coming

    3D Realms has released more Duke Nukem Forever screens, this time over in its Facebook page. According to CVG, Take-Two has been trying to get the Xbox 360 version released through another publisher, and rumors going ’round say there’s another “non-DNF in the works”. Point is, do you even really care anymore? Hit the links […]

  • Take-Two Duke Nukem Forever lawsuit includes Xbox 360 ports and off-shore bank accounts

    Gather ’round, kids. It’s story time. Shacknews recently couldn’t avoid stumbling over new documents pertaining to the Take-Two and 3D Realms’ Duke Nukem Forever feud because — hoo boy — within those documents lies one tall tale. In essence, Take-Two claims that 3D Realms/Apogee wouldn’t agree to develop an Xbox 360 version of the now […]

  • id thought Nukem canning was a "joke"

    id biz man Steve Nix told VG at E3 that he thought news of Duke Nukem Forever’s cancellation was some kind of internet fabrication. “I thought it was a joke when I heard the other day,” he said. “Definitely extremely saddened and surprising that those guys aren’t there and we may never see the game […]

  • Watch some never-before-seen Duke Nukem Forever footage

    Almost seven minutes of unseen Duke Nukem Forever footage popped up on the Jace Hall Show. If you are interested in seeing more of what you may never be able to play, go hit up Shack to watch. It’s not the best footage, but at least it’s something.

  • 3D Realms "has not closed and is not closing"

    3D Realms has just issued a statement saying the firm is an ongoing concern and has not closed. It was widely reported that the developer bit the dust earlier in May thanks to a lack of funding. “Despite rumors and statements to the contrary, 3D Realms (3DR) has not closed and is not closing,” said […]

  • Miller: We never saw T2's $12 million

    3D Realms boss Scott Miller’s said the developer never saw the $12 million Take-Two’s claiming was dropped on the failed development of Duke Nukem Forever. “No. We didn’t get a penny of that money,” said the exec, talking in this Shacknews comments thread. “This, along with so much else, is 100 percent spin, being eaten […]

  • Take-Two sues Apogee over Nukem delays

    Take-Two’s filed a suit against Apogee for continually delaying Duke Nukem Forever. The publisher is now $12 million to the bad after 3D Realms went bust, Forever never being delivered. “Apogee continually delayed the completion date for the Duke Nukem Forever,” Take-Two said in the complaint. “Apogee repeatedly assured Take-Two and the video-gaming community that […]

  • Rumour: DNF footage leaked

    3D Realms being done and dusted, there’s not much holding back Duke Nukem Forever assets seeping out. As you can see after the break. It’s not confirmed as coming from the game, but it clearly is. It comes from ex-3D Realms employee Bryan Brewer’s personal website. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Duke Nukem Forever artist releases never-before-seen shots of game

    Duke Nukem Forever artist, Chris Smith, has released some shots of the title over on his personal blog. Stating on the page that he is currently looking for work now that 3D Realms has gone bust, Smith wrote nothing but positive things about his experience on the project. “Two years, nine months. Now it’s over. […]

  • Duke Nukem Forever hits development milestone

    3D Realms George Broussard said on Twitter today that a developmental milestone has been reached on the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever. According to the tweet, the firm has cleared off a large percentage of the game’s original goals – and Broussard likes the show “24”: “71 more tasks to do and we started with probably […]

  • 3D Realms makes DNF Christmas art, doesn't release game

    3D Realms has made up a nice piece of Duke Nukem Forever wallpaper for Christmas – get it in various sizes from the developer’s site. Not quite the Duke news people want to hear, but there we are. Look at large monsters through the link.

  • New Duke Nukem Forever shots posted in hi-res

    The new Duke Nukem Forever screens from the XBLA release of Duke Nukem 3D have been posted on Duke4.net in decent resolution, should you be in need of such a thing. Little else to say, really. Have a look.

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