God of War: Ascension pre-orders at GameStop include a King Leonidas multiplayer skin

God of War: Ascension pre-orders at GameStop will net players King Leonidas from 300 himself as a multiplayer character. This is Sparta, after all.

8 years ago

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    Skyrim’s community are an imaginative bunch aren’t they? Check out this recreation of graphic novel movie adaptation 300, specifically the violent battle of Thermopylae. THIS! IS! MACHINIMA!

    8 years ago
  • Microsoft explains 300's disappearance from Live, licensing for Video Store

    Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live marketing manager for the UK, has explained the disappearance of 300 from the Xbox Live Video Store in the UK, as well as giving us an idea of where it’s off to next.“Indeed it has,” he said when we asked if the movie had actually vanished from the service, just in […]

    13 years ago