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Schafer: Console makers need a more open platform or risk losing indies

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer believes console manufacturers should pay heed to the report 2D Boy’s Ron Carmel complied last year regarding the loss of independent developers on Xbox Live.

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  • World of Goo downloaded 1 million times via the App Store

    2D Boy has announced World of Goo has been downloaded 1 million times on iOS and through the Mac App Store since it was released 13 months ago. The firm said 29% of downloads and 17% of revenue came from the World of Goo’s iPhone/iPod Touch version, and 69% of downloads and 79% of revenue […]

  • PSA: World of Goo now available on Android

    2D Boy’s puzzler World of Goo has been released on the Android Market, and from now until December 5, the game is 40% off and will only run you $2.99. 2D Boys has said the game will run on the majority of devices running Android 2.2 or newer; however, since there are devices out there […]

  • World of Goo for iPhone finally coming soon, priced 99 cents for first day

    The long awaited iPhone debut of World of Goo is finally coming to your flash drive. Developer 2D Boy posted up word on its blog that it’s sent the iPhone version of its hit arcade puzzle game to the iPhone App Store for approval and to “expect it to be out soonish”.

  • World of Goo sales produces 57,000 sales - see what people paid

    Following 2D Boy deciding to offer World of Goo for any price punters wanted to pay, the game’s shifted an extra 57,000 units according to this RPS piece. There’s an awesome graph through there showing exactly how people people paid what. Basically, Mr Boy is now significantly better off. Must-read.

  • Buy World of Goo, pay whatever you want

    2D Boy’s celebrating the first anniversary for World of Goo by allowing gamers to purchase the Linux, Mac, and PC versions for whatever they desire. Until October 19, download your particular version for as much as 20 gazillion, one penny, or the standard $20 cost. Whatever you desire to pay is up to you, but […]

  • 2D Boy to make WiiWare title

    World of Goo developer 2D Boy’s next game will be a WiiWare title born out of its Experimental Gameplay Project, it has emerged this morning. “The three of us are cooking up a new game for WiiWare, currently ‘in the works’,” Kyle Gabler told Nintendodpad. “We haven’t mentioned anything about it to anyone, but here’s […]

  • World of Goo hits UK retail tomorrow

    Mastertronic’s to release World of Goo at UK retail for PC tomorrow, as you can see in the press release after the break. The 2D Boy puzzler has 48 levels and is worth your money. End of story. Hit the link for more.

  • Mastertronic hopes to appeal to wider audience with new Indie label

    Mastertronic Group has launched a new label for indie titles called Great Indie Games and the first game to make the cut is World of Goo, slated for a July release. Great Indie Games will bring independent games to retail to gain a wider audience than just through digital distribution, where most indie titles are […]

  • Play an early dev version of World of Goo

    2DBoy is posting a seven-part series depicting the beginnings of World of Goo all the way through to the end of development. The first one posted allows you to download and play an early build. Hit the link above to do just that. Thanks, GoNintendo.

  • World of Goo bringing physics-based fun to Japan

    The WiiWare version of World of Goo is headed to Japan. Soon, goo balls regurgitated by beastly frogs will be used to build bridges in the East as well. Praise be. Nintendo will be the distributor and Japanese gamers can expect it sometime this spring.

  • Updated World of Goo Linux and Mac demos released

    Haven’t played World of Goo yet? Linux or Mac user? You’re in luck. Updated demos for both are now available here and here. Not exactly sure what “updated” entails, but it should give you something to do later at any rate.

  • World of Goo Linux is success for 2D Boy

    The Linux version of World of Goo has been a rollicking success for 2D Boy, with the launch seeing over 40 percent more games sold via the company’s website in one day than ever before. From here: It’s only been 2 days since the release of the Linux version and it already accounts for 4.6% […]

  • World of Goo publisher files for bankruptcy protection

    World of Goo publisher Brighter Minds Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The firm made the move on January 28. Unlike Chapter 7, which means the company’s to be liquidated, Chapter 11 is a step to allow the firm involved to remain in control of its assets while it reorganizes. Brighter Minds publishes […]

  • EA can learn a lot from World of Goo, says Peter Moore

    Peter Moore has updated his blog to reveal that he believes a game as simple but as effective as 2D Boy’s World of Goo is something EA Sports could learn a lot from. “By every admission, I am more of a sports guy and this isn’t my default cup of tea, but there’s a ton […]

  • World of Goo has 90% piracy rate, says 2D Boy

    World of Goo designer Ron Carmel has claimed in this RPS thread that World of Goo has a 90 percent piracy rate. Carmel claims he’s seen torrent sites with “500 seeders and 300 leechers” and has received emails from people bought the game after downloading it, although that number makes upa “very small percentage.” Luckily, […]

  • World of Goo coming to WiiWare in Europe

    2DBoy’s confirmed that World of Goo is to launch on WiiWare in Europe, as you can see here. The game’s “most likely” to cost 1,500 Wii Points, as it does in the US, and will be exactly the same game that’s already been released across the Pond. Plenty of detail through there. Thanks, Tonka!

  • World of Goo released for Mac

    This has to be the ultimate package for office designers with sculpted facial hair and effortless haircuts – 2D Boy’s World of Goo’s been released for Mac. If this you? Get it here.

  • World of Goo demo goes live

    A World of Goo demo’s gone up on FileFront. At a piffling 33Mb, you don’t really have much of an excuse. The indie kids are going bonkers over it at the moment, so you could do worse than have a nose. Thanks, RPS.

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