250Gb PS3 Slim

Reminder: 250Gb PS3 Slim hits retail in North America

Just a reminder to those living in North America that the 250Gb PS3 hit shops today.The box is loaded with not only the console that “does everything” and a bag of chips, but a controller and AV cables all for $349.Consider this your public service announcement for the day.Thanks, GamingBits.

11 years ago

250Gb PS3 Slim headlines

  • Sony announces 250Gb PS3 Slim for November

    Sony has officially announced the availability of a new PS3 Slim with a 250Gb hard drive hitting store shelves on November 3. It will run you $349.99. See for yourself over on the US PS Blog.And we just got a 160Gb fatty last month. We’ll go cry in the corner now.

    11 years ago
  • Rumor: Another UK retailer confirms 250Gb PS3 Slim Bundle

    Another retailer in the UK has confirmed to Eurogamer that consumers can soon expect a 250Gb PS3 Slim Bundle, going to far as to call it a “definite for October”.The source, who asked to remain nameless, said its suppliers didn’t know “which game or games will be combined with the console”, but that Sony plans […]

    11 years ago
  • Rumor: PS3 Slim 250Gb bundles include AssCreed2, Uncharted 2, GT5

    A source close to Eurogamer has confirmed reports earlier in the week that PS3 Slim bundles will be made available this year in the UK, and maybe as soon as October.The Slim in question will be 250GB and will include either Assassin’s Creed II, Gran Truismo 5, or Uncharted 2 for £299.99.According to the anonymous […]

    11 years ago